modulez has closed down

(Access here the last snapshot (2013-04-25))

Dear friends,

After more than ten years (2000-2013) providing a meeting point for musicians of the modscene, has been closed down. During all this time the site has hosted more than 1400 artists, 4700 tunes, 4000 comments, 200 news and 100 forum topics, which prove the success of our community.

However, during the last four years the site has suffered from a severe decrease in activity, which follows the trend of other modscene and demoscene sites in general.

We hope that all you had a good time in, and that you remember those times with fond :)

Finally, I want to thank the people who have worked hard first to build the site and then to maintain this site and the IRC channel active, specially to Herotyc, Likuid, sole, JosSs, Alpha C, DSteele, and Sergeeo, and also to Mityorn and Recena for the hosting at and scenesp, respectively.



I still know a program for writing a music in a .MOD/.XM files! It is called: AmigaMML. It is not quite completed yet (only version 0.4), but seems like it is still good so far.


And now SOAMC and SOASC are down thanks to fonyx not being free anymore. And modarchive doesn't meet the requirement as a mod search engine...... Too bad.


You can still browse 100% of the content here:




While sad to see the site/community that was is no longer, i echo the sentiments mentioned many times before me when i say that modulez still holds a fond place in my memory. Times may change, but the memories remain -- and mine of are of an outstanding community with helpful and friendly people. Thanks to all of you who, over time and in whatever capacity, made the site possible! Your dedication made many, many great memories and friendships possible; and for this, you have my gratitude (and that of many, many others as well, i am certain!). :)


Sigh... and now libmodplug is public domain and merged into SDL_mixer replacing mikmod as default module player, too late :\ So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


so sad loved the design one of my favorite


So sad to hear this. :) Thanks for all.


Good site. Good times.


So long, #modulez. I enjoyed visiting here and participating during some Saturdays in the OHCs on the IRC channel. I still have my module files (and the OHC archives have them, too), so mine are certainly not gone.


For some irrational reason this happened to be a site that was usually part of a daily routine for me. Very sad to witness it fading into obscurity. However, like for many people, this site also will take it's place in many trackers hearts as well as in our scene's brief history. Goodbye, it has been fun.


Wow.. Very Sad news, another place where it was possible to get awesome music is gone now... Very sad news :( But thanks for that awesome time :D


muchas gracias x todo. :)


well,,, this sucks,,


i was too late and too young for this :(


Well, nothing was happening here the last years because of the trolls, anyway. Still saddens me a little. Thanks for this great page, it was my first contact with the trackerscene on PC, and left a lasting impression on me! I gladly remember the nice atmosphere that once used to rule here, a good soil for creativity and communication. I didn't witness the very beginning, but for a few years this was a great page, and I loved to visit! Thank you all for this nice memory! :)


0+2=2 to all of you! .-)


What can I say except for... thank you for everything :-)


I have a backup of the modulez ftp content at scenesp (5.6GB). So if someone wants his/her tunes please let me know and I'll mail them to you :)

John Marwin

I'm sad that another icon of the awesome mod scene is going down. Many thanks to everyone that was involved in this site. You helped create a home for many people like myself after the big TraxInSpace crash. The TiS crash was for me a personal disaster as I lost contact with so many people out there. Thanks to Modulez and other sites like it, I did regain contact with some of them. If anyone wants to chat with me, I'm available on email and on gchat with the address john(DOT HERE)marwin(AT HERE)gmail)(DOT HERE)com. Take care everyone, you're all great people!


One of the best places for mod-trackers musicians. Allowed me to meet people and to find sources of inspiration. Thanks for that.


It's a sad day indeed. I made little contributions here with my music, but this was one of the first places where I started as a tracker, and I should thank everyone that helped me improve, either taking a listen or droping a comment, and of course, thanks to the crew to made that happen. I will always remember Modulez. The scene may be losing its grip, but trackers will keep tracking.



Alpha C

I cannot overstate the importance that the site had for me as a tracker musician and a demoscener. Having been around since about 2003, it was the first place that truly made me feel part of the broader tracker community. It helped me grow as a musician, and I met tons of fellow musicians whom I still count among my friends. All in all, it's sad to see the site go, but it was also inevitable. There's a little bit of sadness, but the fond memories remain. As rolemusic correctly points out, Espernet #modulez remains active with the occasional friendly chat, and the weekly one hour tracking compo. Feel free to drop around some day. My heartfelt thanks to the staff and the community for the fun times! - Alpha C/trbl^chimera

Darth Nefelim

That was a good time. We'll remember you, Modulez!


good moments on the web and the IRC, I entered a bit late for the musicdiscks :) thanks yero and the old crew and the new crew that runs compos on IRC, of course thanks to all the people who did reviews and posted news and music. For the nostalgics the irc party continue at #modulez in espernet.


I must admit I feel a little sad just to see this HTML removed from cyberspace, rolemusic kept saying it's dying but I though it would not happen. well it was a good 13 years! David


Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks to everybody, everyone of you who made this possible. :)


Oh, sad news! I really keep good memories of the old IRC / party times. There are lots of music left to be tracked!! Thanks for all :)

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