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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
MadTracker Compo 2004 Webcast
Interested to hear what the tracking scene is capable of? Eager to know what the new talents of the music scene sound like? Want to share in the thrill and excitement of how 95 participants battled for 1500 euro worth of prizes? Then tune in to the MadTracker compo 2004 webcast! Sunday evening at 8 pm cet, the results of this years MadTracker compo will be published in a highly original way. Instead of simply announcing the results, a special radio webcast of the final ranking will be broadcast via Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to hear some of the best tracks that have been made in 2004. Visit for more information on this massive tracking event!
[08-07-2004] Inge

RenderXM 1.9
RenderXM is now freeware. License agreement is available during setup. But basically, RenderXM is free of charge for use in commerical projects.

Here's the short description:

RenderXM is a sophisticated XM module rendering software. With the help of RenderXM you can bounce (render) XM modules into WAV files. You can bounce the whole module in a single WAV file or you can split your module into different WAV files (streams) in a maximally customisable manner. The resulting WAVs can then be loaded into any professional mixing software to perform quality mixing.
[03-07-2004] ps

Outpost Music Compo 3
Outpost Music proudly presents the third edition of the Outpost Music Compo. This is the big one, our all-gear compo, with a deadline of July 31. Don't miss out on our open music compo, see the website for details! A note to previous entrants, two main rules have changed. We no longer allow tracked source formats, you must encode to MP3 or OGG. With this, however, comes the lifting of any file size restriction. You may send songs as large as you can handle. 1) Formats accepted will be MP3 and OGG. 2) There is no filesize limit. 3) There is a maximum of 2 entries per person. 4) All entries must be received on or before the entry deadline. 5) Songs must not have been featured in any previous compos held by us or anyone else. 6) Songs must have been made within the last 6 months, no earlier. 7) There will be a panel of 3 judges per song. 8) Judges will give a score of 1-100 to each song, 1 being not very good, 100 being perfect. This will give each song an average score, which will be used for the final gradings. 9) Co-ops are welcome! So, you could write a co-op song, and release a solo effort in one compo! 10) We aim for the compo to be fair, good natured, and lots of fun. Please respect our wishes. Happy Composing! Send your songs to, deadline is July 31. Good luck to all!
[02-07-2004] PLUKS

Trackers@Work : 2 years after (CD Gift)
T@W (trackersatwork) is proud to present this little CD gift realised for it 2 years birthday. You will find 12 tracks. You mix me, I mix you!! Each members have remixed a track of another one.. Then u will find tracks from : Yonex, LLB, Crazy Man, Tililian, Paranoyak, Cyborg Jeff, Gazus Snake, Vanisher III, Phenixir and Pops125.
[29-06-2004] cyborgjeff

Well, a new site has opened. This one is exclusively dedicated to tracking software. In fact, is very similar to our "software" section, but features some programs that we do not listen, and a brief description of each one of them.
Have a look, it could be helpful... ;)
[27-06-2004] sole

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