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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (11 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (11 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (11 years)
MO3 2.1 released
The main news in this release is Mac OSX support, and MP3 support in the Linux encoder. Also, UNMO3 (which is now included with the encoder) finally supports MTM decoding! The obligatory speed and size improvements are also included.

Here's the full "History" list...

* MacOSX version introduced.
* MP3 (LAME) support added to Linux version.
* LAME header removal (you must re-calibrate LAME!).
* Duplicate sample removal.
* Further size reductions for S3M/MTM/MOD formats.
* Support for high-pass filter.
* Speed improvements in both encoding and decoding.
* UNMO3: Support for MTM decoding.
* UNMO3 now included in MO3 package, separate packages for each OS.

In other news, several native XMPlay plugins have become available since the 3.2 release, adding support for FLAC, SID, MPC, etc...
[31-03-2005] JosSs

BASS Module Player Plugin 2.1.1
Malte Clasen's Winamp plugin called BASS Module Player (in_bass.dll) which allows you to play MOD/IT/XM/S3M modules via famous BASS library is being improved by Hans E. Molin. At 2.1.0 he rewrote it from scratch with pure C, so though the name is the same, now it basically works as a completely different player. (info pasted from
[30-03-2005] JosSs

Demovibes 4: Visible Channels
And here we got another demovibes.. featuring some modulez artists.. like Melwyn and Virgill's Downtown Lobby, JosSs' Decadentia and Wonder's Arise, and other masterpieces of the scene music, like Kasparov or Shad 2. Enjoy! :D
[28-03-2005] yero

Renoise 1.5 (final) Released
Renoise is a MOD editor for Windows/Mac OS X. It's based on Fast Tracker II, and not only MOD/IT/XM making/editing but also various external regulations such as VST, MIDI and ASIO are supported. Although freeware version has some limitations, they shouldn't be really problems just for MOD editing (but only RNS format is allowed for saving). See readme.txt for checking out the changes since RC1.
[28-03-2005] JosSs

The Barwars^3 Compo (Round 5)
Barwars is a biweekly online MOD competition run by Aymes and Infey. Each time it features a sample pack, and accepts submissions which use the same samples. A chiptune piece was selected as the sample pack for this round. Submit your entry to Aymes or Infey via email. The deadline of the round is Apr.2nd.
[28-03-2005] JosSs

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