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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
Gameboy Advance Tracker!
Christer Andersson has created the first tracker for the gameboy advance. It's a windows based program in the traditional tracker style. It should be lot's of fun.

(original new from SSNetwork, posted by stapleface)
[05-04-2002] yero

Fast TRacker Still alive?
Hi! I'm Awesome / Wild Bits. As many of you I made the interface and web design for the Fast Tracker 3 Project. Many months have passed with no news, but finally I've recontacted Baktery, the coder, and have some things to say:

1.- The project is still alive. If you liked the beta version, now it's in a most advanced development stage, much more stable and so. a Release of a public beta version is planned on this summer (if everything goes well).
2.- Fast Tracker 3 will change his name, because Triton didn't grant us permission to use their name, despite I asked lizardking and Mr. H for it.
3.- I'll get a Beta version SOON (BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA) much much more operative than the first one appeared to start developing the new interphace graphics. I'll keep you informed on the advantages when I receive it, but, can't release it before summer, which is the date Bak wants to make it official.

I'll have to work on the web page soon, surely, so, I'll keep you informed more on this there.

Well, that's all by now, friends. Keep hoping!
[03-04-2002] awesome

More IT + 2K/XP tricks
Apart from my IT + VDMS tutorial (on the link on this news item), I've found a major speedup in interface response (still gotta do the NumLock trick) and in general responsiveness within Impulse Tracker under XP if you check the "Fast Pasting" and "Exclusive Mode" settings in the "Misc" tab of the shortcut properties, and tick "Compatible timer hardware emulation" aswell in Program -> Advanced options.

Hope this helps anyone experiencing sound breakups or delays (I still had them when I had many stuff running on the background, I don't have them now).

Also you might consider disabling MPU-401 and the Joystick port (MIDI-in is not working on IT anyway :D) on VDMS settings. Those help too.

Good luck! :)
[27-03-2002] Jcl

Module Addiction Patch #1
We released a patch that will solve the memory leaks and huge memory usage of the musicdisk. Now it should use 13-15 Mb of memory stable (in contrast with the 30+ Mb and growing the first released version used).
Download and replace the EXE file in the original pack (this download is only 95Kb).
This is what fast-code does :)
Have fun!

note: you can now download the full .zip, it contains the fixed .exe :)
[27-03-2002] Jcl

module addiction #1: future
   And finally, modulez music disk is out, its name is "module addiction #1: future", and it's the result of the hard work of modulez ppl.

   It's 5.7 Mb and contains nine excellent ambient mods by herotyc, jcl, smash, sml, wonder, josss, sergeeo, wizard, finnr and yero, with a skin by Jull and SPiTe, and code by Jcl. We hope you like it!
[26-03-2002] yero

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