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USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
   news Freestyle Compo
The summer is over. Holidays are over. It's time to get back to school/work ...and it's time for another edition of music compo! :D
This time it's called Freestyle Compo.

The main rule as always is simple - there are no big restrictions so that you could make the most of your favourite tracker :)
Wanna write 40-channel xrns tune? Think that 16-channel xm can beat everyone else? Maybe want to show that even nowadays "4-channels should be enough for anybody"? ;) No problem! Launch your tracker and prove that neither format nor amount of channels determine a great tune, but music itself! :)

Deadline: 06.10.2007

Detailed compo rules here.
[19-09-2007] AceMan

The Novus Compo: new monthly MP3 competition!
The Novus Compo is a two-tiered monthly music competition for MP3s and OGGs, based on public voting. In the first tier, songs compete by genre in one of 5 mini-compos, 3 songs per genre, all pre-screened and selected by me. In the second tier, the 5 mini-compo winners and 1 wild-card song compete against each other to become the overall winner. September's songs are ready for your votes right now. And to enter your song for October's compo, all you have to do is vote on some of September's songs! Details are up at the website, so what are you waiting for? Visit The Novus Compo today!
[06-09-2007] Novus

reTracked, CD quality
Hi-Fi version of the reTracked #1 release, a musicdisk with remakes of popular classic tracker modules, is available on (pure uncompressed Wave PCM 44.1/16). Enjoy crystal sound of our first release! We're looking for musicians to join our reTracked Team and participate in the upcoming reTracked #2 release. If you're keen on tracker music and feel capable of making pro-quality musical remakes of old tracker modules, contact the Project author, Alex Radzishevsky: webauthor {at} websound {dot} ru.
[02-09-2007] Manwe

Battle of the Chips: results
Tiny compo "Battle of the Chips#1" complete. Voting is end, results is published: Results
[07-08-2007] BiTL

Battle of the Chips: traditional vs alternative
Download votepack (540 kb)! 10 tunes, two per author. Each compititor made two tunes: in traditional and alternative nominations. Can "alternative people" beat "traditionals" on their field? Can "tradirtional people" beat "alternative people" in experimental nomination? Let's vote and see the results!
[23-07-2007] Manwe

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