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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
Reed Richards of Fairlight has overhauled his website. Stored within you'll find most of his demoscene tunage between 1992 and 2006, now with added sweeteners such as the ability to listen to them online. For a blow on your tastebuds, visit
[17-07-2007] reed

ChibiTracker 1.0 stable Released
ChibiTracker 1.0 has been released. It has many changes and new features and should hopefully feel more stable (if you still have any problems, mail me please). ChibiTracker is a powerful Impulse Tracker lookalike, with many added features. A Nintendo DS Port should be coming soon.
[08-07-2007] reduz v6.5
The time has come. The slightly new version of is out :)

Here's the list of the most important changes:

- New, better layout ;)
- JAVA module player (plays mod/xm/s3m)
- Simple text effects in comments, as well as quotes and links parsing
- All scores are the Bayesian Average
- Change in filenames of module archives (spaces into _)
- Your votes are displayed in every section on the site
- You can mark modules as correctly/incorrectly played in the JAVA player
- You can organise your favourities list
- Most sections are divided into pages now
- You can select if you want to receive emails from administration
- Avatars' upload fixed; now you can submit picture of any size, it will be resized to 80x80

Some changes we plan in near future:

- Slightly better upload system
- Advanced module info reader by Xtense

Enjoy :)
[07-07-2007] AceMan

Chiptunes: 8bit music LABworkshop
8bit sound and music is a distinctive feature of early videogames, and has become a seminal contemporary music style utilized by artists and DJs in engaging live audiovisual performances and remixes. This workshop is bringing together creators from US and Spain who will work with the participants to create music using Gameboys. The chiptunes workshop will close with an evening of performances with sounds by the artists, the workshop participants and visuals by media artists Entter. Workshop led by: HAEYOUNG KIM (BUBBLYFISH), CHRIS BURKE (GLOMAG), RABATO(ESP), YES, ROBOT (ESP) and ENTTER(ESP). Deadline: 16 July 2007 Registration: Registration fee: 25 ? Working language: English and Spanish
[04-07-2007] sergeeo

ChipYxa-4: Result and original works pack

Original works and all vote-lists:
[01-07-2007] BiTL

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