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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
Hugi issue 33 is out
I only noticed today that issue #33 of Hugi, the leading demoscene diskmag, has been out for two weeks. Lots of good stuff again. To us trackers probably the most notable article is the interview with Jogeir Liljedahl! So download the magazine either as an .exe, or read it online:
[12-05-2007] Alpha C

Toy SongS 3 musicdisk
48 (forty-eight) tracker modules, pixel graphics, the shell with a build-in game, all in 6 Mb. This is "Toy SongS 3" musicdisk by the SandS. Don't miss it!
[27-04-2007] Manwe One Sample Module Compo
Now it's the time for... the next music competition :)

Considering the discussion on forums, and summing up advantages and disadvantages, it has been decided that it'll be the One Sample Module Compo. Its main purpose is to test your abilities to create tunes using only one sound. I think that this one rule alone makes the compo quite difficult even for experienced trackers. That's why you can also take this edition as the determinant of next editions. In other words, if this compo is successful, there will be similar ones in the future (from time to time of course). If not, we'll stay with only "normal" rules.

So, if you want to test your skills, compete with musicians from all over the world and win cool prizes, take part in the compo!

Rules can be found here.
[25-04-2007] AceMan

ExChip0 [Extensive Chip Compo]
We are glad to present the new chip music competition, combining several platforms. You can find details about competition on the site:
[27-03-2007] Silent

179 tracks from 1998 module pack added
The 179 tracks (especially .IT in a archive pack of 200mo) written by cyborgjeff in 1998 have been added in the "module pack 1998". Most of them are never distributed through internet. If you have missed the 95, 96 and 97 packs.. it could be the opportunity to download theme
[20-03-2007] cyborgjeff

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