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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
DJ Daerden
May be some of you knows me (cyborgjeff) since long years and known how many songs i've written ! I have the opportunity in my country (Belgium) to receive some mediatization mixing personnal songs with vocals from our smiley minister Michel Daerden. So you could hear the 2 songs "C'est Extraordinaire" and "La Daerden Machine" on the website. I've also link to you a TV interview where you could see running Jeskola Buzz Tracker !
[06-12-2006] cyborgjeff Chip Compo
Together with Elektro/Veezya, we'd like to invite all of you to participate in first Chiptune Compo!


1. To participate, you have to be registered user
2. There must be at least 3 participants to start the competition.


1. One participant = one module
2. You can use ONLY triangle, sawtooth, square and white noise samples
3. You CAN'T modify samples using any effect like DSP, reverb etc.
4. Percussion samples depends on your own choice - but they must sound like chip ones ;)
5. You can (and even have to) loop samples.
6. Allowed formats: ahx, mod, xm, it, x3m, dbm
7. You can't use tracker effects like DSP, reverb etc.
8. Playing time = max. 3:20
9. Tracks limit = 4
10. Filesize = 32 kB (32768 bytes) unpacked
11. You can use one sample multiple times
12. You can create your own envelopes
13. If your tune doesn't fit to these rules, it won't be accepted
14. Deadline: 16/12/2006. After this time, all modules will be packed into one archive and will be available for download from
15. Send your finished tunes to


Voting rules will be released after deadline


There will be one :)


01/12/2006 - 16/12/2006 : You write your tunes :)
17/12/2006 - 23/12/2006 : Voting
24/12/2006 : Results

For those who are lazy or don't have time/skills/something to create own samples, Elektro prepared examplary sample-pack.
You can easily create needed sounds basing on them. You can download the samplepack here:

Good Luck! :)
[01-12-2006] AceMan

Savage Charts #1
On 24 December 2006 I would like to present to you first number of chartsmag Savage Charts. It will be separate part of Savage magazine , and will be regular released every three mounths. It will contains charts, news, invitations, parties results, msgs, letters and all what should be released regulary.

I invite all of you to fill the vote. You can vote only with special-buildt application, which you can download it
link (zip)
or here:
link (exe)

You can find details in help.

Final deadline of giving back the votes is 20 December 2006.
[30-11-2006] Biter

Soundevotion Compo #10 results
The votes are cast & counted... check out the results on
[28-11-2006] Alpha C

ChibiTracker Released!
ChibiTracker is a portable IT (Impulse Tracker) clone. It is not a 100% clone though, as it adds more features, such as chorus and reverb, stereo samples, an advanced sample editor and more. The user interface also presents some changes, as it can be custom themed and resized. Porters are always needed to make builds for other platforms (mac/amiga/beos/etc).
[27-11-2006] reduz

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