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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (7 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
MIlkytracker v.2005-10-07
- Wavelab?s WAVs files will be loaded fine - Selected area in sample editor can be resized by pressing Ctrl and dragging the selection borders - You can zoom in/out in the sample editor by using the scroll wheel of your mouse - Lxx command is working fine (sounds exactly like FT2) - Swap channels implemented. It works like this: Select source channel with pattern cursor and select "SWAP" fromthe destinations channel menu - You can cut a fully highlighted channel by pressing Shift-f3 ;) - Virtual channels for instrument playback (must be enabled in the config)(This will of course only work when record mode is OFF) - Pattern bar will be highlighted in red when record mode is ON (sorry I cannot change the border color because there is no border at all ;)) - The .MOD export crash is gone
[19-10-2005] Kmuland

MadTracker Compo 2005 kicks off!
Time has come for the 4th big competition to take place at! You have amazed us and the audience last year with your quality entries. We hope you will be as many and as talented as last year to compete - if not more!

This 4th competition is a unique event since it will be the first tracking competition ever to allow the use of VST plugins. To celebrate this, we have found some very respectable producers of VST plugins who have donated some of this year's prizes.
[03-10-2005] Inge

Nectarine Multichannel Compo
(Click on title link for donwload samplepack and rules files) 1/ Size limit is 128 KB. 2/ You can't modify SAMPLES or their order included in base.xm 3/ You can use any fastracker or madtracker effects ! Rules addons you can edit instr. settings you can edit loop settings of samples you can't add extra samples Deadline : 15 october 2005 First price : Madtracker PRO registration including:
[01-10-2005] Kmuland

Nectarine Multichannel compo
To upload your entry get a ftp client prog, connect to (username = "nectarine" password = your e-mail address) port 21. There's a directory where you upload the zipped tune (nectarine multichannel track compo). The deadline is now 15 october 2005 !!!
[24-09-2005] Kmuland

RIP Rebirth (1997-2005)
Rebirth(a 303, 808 and 909 simulator) has came to the end and now it's free. Check out to get an image and other interesting stuff.
[20-09-2005] herotyc

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