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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (7 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
Jazz idiomatic expressions
This is a curious approach to the jazz theory that perhaps could help you to expand your melodical and harmonical horizons. A very entertaining and amusing explanation with examples.
[27-06-2005] sergeeo

Tribute to a love singer - v1.0 Lionel Richie
Have you ever wished to write songs for a famous old school lover? Have you ever wanted to compose a song with Lionel Richie or Barry White lyrics? To touch your keyboards, trackers, squencers or whatever you use in a sensual way? Be a love muscian. Well, everybody knows weird compos are always a great way of having fun :)
[27-06-2005] sergeeo

Edit your CDs in an indy way
So it seems it's possible to edit cds in Spain without being member of the SGAE. This interesting thread reveals us some dirty tricks which the industry uses to silence indie / underground musicians. Check it out, specially if you're planning to publish your cds white-labeled. (Spanish text)
[26-06-2005] sergeeo

New article announced
It is year 2005 now. Someone are saying that modscene is dead, mods are nothing but an ancient artifacts. Someone are saying it is time to let the modern formats live and grow. Someone are saying... They are right in some cases. We're admitting modscene has changed. We can't know are these changes fatal. And have you ever try to find some evidences of such assertions? Let's try... (got interested, huh? click the link then :)

Just another article from me. Hope, you won't kick me much. Have a pleasure reading.
[15-06-2005] Darth Nefelim

Milky Tracker new version (FT2 school)
New Milky tracker version available for test: - smoother pattern scroll - envelope markers - solo channel by pressing right+left mouse buttons or alt+click - mouse wheel support - improved XM support (yes it's still possible) - more shortcuts (CTRL+I, CTRL+S etc.) - more stuff I forgot already... Enjoy :-)
[14-06-2005] Kmuland

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