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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
Lead & Drive
Experience ultra scene masters cutted down and/or remixed to compression level maximum. Hear those unbelieveable music from the last heroes on earth like Rob Hubbard, Teque, Audiomonster, Xerxes, (to name a few) in a totally new way. Giga-tight quality restrictions: 10 SONGS ONLY - try it!
[21-11-2004] eftos

fromage resurrected
Check out the new fresh cheesy tunes :D
[19-11-2004] herotyc

Skale 0.8
Brand new Skale 0.8, with many fixes.
[19-11-2004] herotyc

Modulez meeting at BCN Party 100
Here is the photo of the modulez meeting at BCN party 100, held at Barcelona (Spain) from the 29th October till 1st November.

Modulez people photo!: starting from the top, left corner, and to the right: ps, h?sp, sole, debi, srg, herotyc, on the second row, (with a breakpoint party t-shirt) sml, next is SiNkRO, finn, yero making o/, ayame hugging behind, JosSs, nork, Jcl with black t-shirt, just under him, naif standing up, and Wonder and Wally sitting next :)

I miss Xpinvert, who is here at the right, and at the moment of the photo he was... hmmm.. what the fuck where you doing? :)

I also miss trace in the photo, who is here making some visuals.

And Acidbeat, here... making his next mod or something *lol*

Hmmm.. what else... There were some Dj+VDj Sessions, of tpolm, nork and Acidbeat, Hello Ingrid! and Cubensis, and xplsv. Skrebbel danced a lot :), and srg drunk too much ':)

Cya in next party!

p.s.: we missed youuu, DSteele!!! :)
[11-11-2004] yero

Halloween Party Mix 2004 cd released
For a second year Trackers@Work have released a cd album about Halloween Theme. I invite to discovered scary tracks from part of t@w members : Gazus Snake, Yonex, Crazy Man & Vanisher III. Cover and website realised also part a taw member : Phenixir.
[06-11-2004] cyborgjeff

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