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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
Xerxes live set in digitally imported
A few days ago, herotyc told me about a live set by Xerxes, on, chillout channel. It is a really interesting set that worths a listen, 52 minutes (99.3MB) of ambient sound, with the usual style of this incredible musician, who managed to reach the professional sound, having started with a tracker :)
[14-06-2004] yero

Say goodbye to MIC.
For those trackers who didn't know it. Novus has left his great work on this monthly compo. Novus posted: "Sunday, June 6th Goodbye! May's round of MIC was the final round ever. I'm about to get a big promotion at my hotel job, which means more time at work and more stress to deal with, especially in the beginning. Theoretically, I could try to keep MIC going, but it would be quite a headache. And then there are fuckheads like Vizion and Sergeeo, among others, who have robbed the tracking scene of much of the fun it once held for me. This just ain't fun for me anymore, kiddies. And since I see no reason to (literally!) lose sleep over something that's entirely voluntary and no longer fun to do, the logical thing is to stop doing it. So, MIC is done. To everyone out there who's stuck with CMC and MIC since nearly the beginning and has voted consistently and ceaselessly, and even to anyone who only voted once or even just downloaded a song or two, thank you, thank you, and thank you. You made this little compo o' mine actually mean something, and together we accomplished a lot. We shone a big, bright spotlight on some kick-ass tunes and yelled to the world, "Come and get it!" And come they did. And to all of the musicians who've allowed their songs to run in CMC and MIC over time, massive kudos to you all. Some of my favorite all-time tracks in my collection have come from this compo. Without artists like Vibe, Butch, Pro-Xex, Dr. Emok, Iwellius, Sphenx, Argh, Samplemaster, Saboteur, SmarTech, Cdnalsi, FleshDance, Gopher, Nightbeat, Andreas Viklund, LauriT, Prophecy, Gargoyle, HomesickAlien, Dan Nyman, Benefit of the Boomerang, and countless more, this thing simply wouldn't have been possible. No matter what genres or programs you move on to, I wish you all gallons of success, big-money music contracts, platinum album sales and millions of screaming groupies. And if you don't get all that, then I'll leave you with the fact that in some small way, each of you changed my life, and for the better. Big congrats to Butch for capping one hell of a CMC/MIC career with a huge win in May's compo. Download his song, check out May's results, and have a nice life. As radio DJs used to say, see ya on the flip-side. -- Vince "Novus" Young Sunday, June 6th, 2004"
[09-06-2004] PLUKS

Hamsterball with music from Skaven
Hi, just have received a mail from my brothers about those game.. .so i've a look.. music by SKAVEN (future crew) cool! about the game, i've allready play something like this on the NES,.. .but here first u need to know that gameplay are really EASY and EXCELLENT... about music... really fun and cool!!! so if it wasn't a demo version, i could play it all the night :) let's try this...
[03-06-2004] cyborgjeff

High Voltage Sid Collection Update#39
High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) is the biggest collection of chiptunes covering most of COMMODORE 64 music in SID format which have been released ever. On May 27th HVSC was updated with the following changes... 1946 new SIDs, 275 fixed/better rips, 3 fixes of PlaySID/Sidplay1 specific SIDs, 12 repeats/bad rips eliminated, 230 SID credit fixes, 470 SID model infos, 41 tunes moved out of /DEMOS to their composers' directories, 11 tunes from /DEMOS/UNKNOWN identified :-) (1 goes back due to bad credits), 14 tunes moved out of /GAMES to their composers' directories... Now total 27,087 SID files are available. The latest archive (Complete HVSC 5.6) is required to update.
[28-05-2004] JosSs

Jesper Kyd's new web site
Jesper Kyd (Crionics/Silents) was one of the most famous musicians (c-64 and Amiga ;) New web site with lot of info and prods. Oldskool!
[28-05-2004] JosSs

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