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modulez new feature: Tune of the week
I was planning to make a tune of the week box for some months, and today I had some time to think about it, so here it is (thanks to r3d^rgba for the outer joins explanation :***).
The idea is to have a different featured tune every week, which has to be reviewed by everybody :) This way tunes start being reviewed, and we make not forget the cool tunes of the site.

The tunes are administrated by the admins of modulez, so if you think of any tune that should appear as the "tune of the week" box next week, post it on the oneliner or ask JosSs, Herotyc, Sole or yero =)

And don't forget to review review review! The tunes of the week are a worth download :)
[06-05-2004] yero

modulez ftp cleaning
This evening I've cleaned the FTP: deleted the directories with no files and the directories with just corrupt zip/rar's. If you think I have deleted something I hadn't to delete, mail me :)
[04-05-2004] yero

2004 Elemental Music Compo RESULTS!
2004 EMC RESULTS! The 2004 Elemental Music Compo has just officially ended! That's right, the results are official! Congratulations to obScene, skyscape/Libris, Benefit of the Boomerang (featuring Ethelion), and Skizo, the winners of the 2004 Elemental Music Competition! I'd also like to say a special thanks to AladdinSane, Annonymous (I know who you are, lol!), obScene, and delux-cloudx, who assisted me during the judging phase of the competition. Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the 2004 EMC page and check out the results!
[02-05-2004] Christofori

modulez: some updates in the website
I've added some things on the site (about, contact, syndication section), now newest artists' box has 3 entries, radios' section now points to all scene radios we know (it will be updated as soon as I sleep for a while :), and prods section will have the latest prods in the modscene.

Now you can check an updated 'current compos' box, updated by the web admins whenever they want from their admin section.

Hmm, nothing else _for the moment_, cause there are some things I'd like to make, but i have no time at the moment :P

update: I've just made a new banner for the site, the one we had was quite old :) Check it out here..
[01-05-2004] yero

A New Forum is up! ,a Forum for chiptune trackers & Chiptune Freaks. If its releasing new/old Tracks,Talk about old computers or anything around Chips, This is The Place 2 do so. just Check it out
[25-04-2004] Funky Fish

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Vapor Lit Up by Shinobi
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