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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
New MadTracker Update (2.50b)
Another one update of madtracker. Just download and try :P
[25-04-2004] JosSs

Demovibes: Electronic grooves from the big screen
Demovibes is a mixed compilation of the finest smooth/downtempo demoscene electronic music. A 80 minutes track mixing some of the best demo soundtracks ever by Willbe. Some examples are:

- Art/Haujobb by Melwyn
- Wonder/Sunflower by Virgill
- Nature v2.0/Threepixels by Acidbeat
- Fears/Nah-Kolor by Siatek
- Plastik/Purple by Mystical
- KKowboy/Blasphemy by Mellow-D
- Tesla/Sunflower by Radix and Lluvia

And other 17 demo soundtracks remixed. You can download it here in mp3 format or here in cue format. :)
[19-04-2004] yero

United-trackers is back!
"The new site is now open to the General Public!!! The Staff here at United Trackers hope you enjoy the new design. We're always looking for fresh content, so if you have any, please pass it our way. If you have any suggestions, concerns, submissions or offers to help, Please PM an admin, or use the feedback and News submission portions of the site."

Good luck UT :)
[19-04-2004] kendo

breakpoint 2004 results
Breakpoint was held in Bingen am Rhein (Germany). It is a only-scene party, they say it is the bigger one :) The prods were not so incredible as past years, but some demos are quite interesting. Oh, and in the tracked music compo Reed and Smash/fairlight got the second place with "hold on" :P

Here are the results
Here are the prods
And here are some reports
[17-04-2004] yero

server problems
Modulez is back after being some days offline due to hardware problems in the server, metamacro. Thanks to Mityorn for his support as always, and sorry for the inconvenience to all our users. The dns seems a bit asleep with, but I hope in the next hours it will wake up ;)
[14-04-2004] yero

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