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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
WinAmp security hole in FastTracker Loader
If someone is using WinAmp 5 for playing mods... O_o Winamp 5.0 security hole Apparently there is a serious security hole in the versions of winamp 5 strictly before version 5.03, that can enable anybody to form a file that would run code on your system. The bug has been found in the FastTracker loader of winamp. (info pasted from Knos's new at
[07-04-2004] JosSs

2004 EMC: Entries Online!
The 2004 Elemental Music Compo is off to a great start! With all of the entries submitted, the Judging phase of the compo will now begin. All of the entries are available for download at the site; just navigate to the Entries section. I'm also still seeking more judges for each category. If you're interested in judging, please let me know; just visit the site, and click on "E-mail Christofori" in the lower right corner. Thanks, and good luck to all those who entered!
[02-04-2004] Christofori

Well, ifparty finished, and most of the prods and photos are uploaded. Some people from modulez assisted to this party held in Valencia (East of Spain), like Jcl, Wizard, sml, trace, amb and yero.
Estrayk/Capsule also was there (photo of estrayk with protracker =), and Sole/PPG was the main orgo.

here are some photos
and here are the results
[01-04-2004] yero

Using IT under DosBox
Reduz has created a bundle of dosbox for Impulse Tracker, compiled for win32, and easy to use. It emulates a GUS and it can be the solution for those who couldnt run IT, even with VDMS. Very easy to install and run, just run the bat like ">dosbox.bat [where_to_mount]", eg: ">dosbox.bat c:it215". The pity is that GUS has only 1024k for samples. And just as a tip: If you own a fast cpu you can use ctrl-alt-f12 to increase the amount of cpu emulated. More info in the readme.txt file.
[31-03-2004] herotyc

XK Compo started
10240 bytes to track your best tune :)
[30-03-2004] JosSs

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