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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
XmPlay 3.0 finally released!
XMPlay is a highly functional multi-music player supporting every standard MOD format such as IT, S3M, XM etc. and stream format such as MP3, OGG, WMA etc. Its complete XM format reproducibility is especially worth to listen to. XMPlay also supports Winamp input plugins. Winamp is not good for MOD playing, so it might be important as a standard player for chiptune listeners.
New to this version:

Support for multi-channel WAV/OGG/WMA files & Winamp plugins
Fully customizable shortcuts... ...also available via DDE (details available on request)
DSP plugin support
MOD and archive file "streaming" (ie. download and play)
Seeking in internet streamed OGG files while downloading
SSE2 optimized sinc interpolation
Enhanced saved settings options
Enhanced search option (OR/AND multiple word searches)
Recently played tracks list
Fading-out of looped files
Option to "auto loop" only MOD files
Option to sort/shuffle only selected tracks
Finer amplification resolution and extended range (-15 to +10 dB)
Icecast (OGG) stream ripping into separate files
Adjustable internet buffering
Shout/Icecast "Auto reconnect" option
Always "on-top" option
Reverb now applies to mono playback too
Customizable icon for associated filetypes
Option to "Ignore playlists & shortcuts" when adding directories
Support for ID3v2.4 tags
Support for LAME "Info" header
Deleted files moved to recycle bin (if enabled)
Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)

(info pasted from and
[27-02-2004] JosSs

trilogy musicdisk by insula
dark ambient tracked music from the depths of sweden. quite nice for the rainy early hours of the day.
[25-02-2004] ps

Chipyxa#2: classic
A new compo for chipmakers has started at russian scene-related site "Chiptown". Just check the link if you want to take a part in it. XM, S3M, IT and MOD are allowed. Make it a good competition :)
[24-02-2004] Vibe

Sid Wine 3 compo
The 3rd edition of this online compo has started. Deadline is the 10th April 2004.
As a new feature the identity of the composers will be hidden.
The link above also lets you browse through the earlier editions of the compo.

C64 forever
[24-02-2004] finnr

CJ's World Remix : Now Available
Hey, finally this crazy project is finished!! now it's time for you listeners to make your job :).. -> having fun with it!!.. So during one year lot of great musicians took time to propose you this album... what is it?... well i've decided last year for my 20th album to propose to other muscians to remix one of my track!... that's what they have done... and that's what we proposed here... All track was originaly written by myself (Cyborg Jeff) but remixed in their own style by 18 other musicians... Gdream/N-Zone, Little Bitchard/MFX, Nightflowers/N-Zone,Yelson/The Cage of Complex, Crazy Man & Phenixir/T@W, Logic Dream, Lightning/Straylight, Genetic Gemini/Reinhgold, Xenon, Prophecy, Makke/Zeritas, Maf, Sample Master/Yomi Records, Gremino, Lucky Mog, LLB/T@W, Paranoyak/T@W, Strike. well don't miss this project, the tiny website and the great cover realised by Toad (also the one who have designed the gfx website)
[23-02-2004] cyborgjeff

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