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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
New JosSs Web Site
At last my new website is online!!! New design (Thnx yero!), contents, and a lot of my music available in a new server (Thnx Recena!). I wait your opinions and a signature in the guestbook. GreetzZz
[20-07-2003] JosSs

no Spain partners??
Since April 2003, i've launched my project of a REMIX album of my personnal tracks... remixed by others GREAT trackers and also not so known. France, Belgium, USA, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Netherlands was allready represented (but i still accept people from there :-) ).. I often visit modulez, and i'm really astonished that i haven't receive proposition from the spannish trackers world?? hey guy, let's work.. visit the web site, choose a track and remix it as Makke, Maf, Beat and the others.. Sure i will really happy if other people than spannish trackers will join the project ;-p you could also contact me :
[20-07-2003] cyborgjeff and Modplanet Mod-Radios
The web-portal Back to the Roots has launched a new concept of online radio, the Mod-Radio. Currently there are 65685 mods distributed in 59 channels, their broadcast system differs from the usual mp3's ones (read the details in the site and also its benefits and limitations) and it allows to listen to the radio with low-banwidths. Mod-Radio, which has modules from the registered artists of the portal and the modaddiction musicdisks, and the Modplanet Mod-Radio, with all the modules of modplanet compilation distributed in 4 channels: Amiga-Scene Radio, PC-Scene Radio, Demodulate Radio and Chipcorner Radio.

You can now listen to the Spanish artists and tunes via an alternative radio different from Nectarine.

[ original news at by sml ]
[17-07-2003] yero

Last chance to download CyborgJeff's album...
Fully available on the web since May, the last album of Cyborg Jeff (Past, Present, Future) will be freely downloadable during this summer time... don't miss the 24 mp3s!! including Swimming Furries & Lotus Challenge 2K3 'nectarine remix'... You'll also find the covers realised by Toad from Bou? Team :-). Don't waste time click on the link cause new album will soon upload... it's ur last chance!!!
[12-07-2003] cyborgjeff

new modulez msn tab (for msn 6)
Today reading (spanish slashdot) I've seen an article about how to add a tab in your msn messenger. I've thought that modulez ppl would like it and i've made some little page with just the five last news and the oneliner. (Here's a snap).

To add it to your msn just open "C:Documents and Settings\ *YOURUSER*\ Application Data\ Microsoft\ MSNMessenger\ 421120 ConfigCache.Xml" (the number can be different) and add this code wherever you want inside the tag <msntabdata>.

Hope you like it!
[02-07-2003] yero

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