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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
vote in microchipcompo
Vote in microchipcompo! Lots of nice tiny tunes to listen to! Which is the best?? Play them in XMplay only! Voting deadline: 2003-07-14. >>
[29-06-2003] microchipcompo

some changes
Well, just to say that i have added some things to the site. Reduz asked me to include the flag of the country of every artist (like ojuice) in the profile and so, so I've added the flags and now you'll be able to select your country from the edit profile section. For those ones who have not included info in their profile, now it's the time!! Anyway, artists section is a bit optimized on database queries and I've added the option to show just active (with profile) or both active and innactive (no profile filled) users... And some other bugs and optimizations blablabla :) Cya
[28-06-2003] yero

SIDin #4 is out
The #4 of SIDin (the sid related magazine in OpenOffice / PDF) was released a few days ago. Don't miss the interesting interview with Chris Abbott or the Arkanoid tune revealed from the inside!
[25-06-2003] finnr

10k Black & White Compo
This compo will be interesting! Your song must be 10240 or less bytes big! All tunes have to be new and fresh, but good covers will also be allowed. Only .mod, .it, .xm and .s3m formats; no ripping! Check the rules out and join!
[24-06-2003] sergeeo

CheeseTracker 0.8.0 released!
CheeseTracker 0.8.0 is out! New in this version:

-Total rewrite of the interface and half the core player engine.
-CheeseTracker now uses the Qt toolkit.
-Nicely featured sample editor.
-High amount of customization options.
-Interface improvements in nearly all aspects, it should be more userfriendly and intuitive.
-MDI support, many songs can be loaded and played together, for live performance or simply data exchange purposes.
-Dozens of bugfixes since 0.5.
[23-06-2003] reduz

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