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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
I:ON transmission no.1 2005
first edition of supposedly monthly webzine regarding netlabel and experimental music scene. cool interview with vizion/ronin^genshi^cammomille on this issue.
[30-01-2005] ps

MO3 Fileformat Specs Petition
John Marwin has started a petition to Ian Luck, asking him to release the fileformat spec for the MO3 module format. For those who may not know the format, it is a module with MP3 or OGG compressed samples, allowing for a high quality to filesize ratio. The specs' release would allow more players and more websites to support this revolutionary format, thus allowing it to grow in popularity and become one of the "standard" module formats.

If you are a member of the active tracking community, you know that the MO3 format is a step in the right direction. And to keep going, we need the fileformat spec to be released officially, and publically.

So I ask you all, please sign this petition:

[28-01-2005] Rikimbo

Sound of the demoscene
Sound Of The Demoscene is a 2 CD compilation mixed by Impulse/Knights. There aren't demo soundtracks, only music entries presented to music competitions at parties or released as scene tracks.

The first CD (fast) contains music from little bitchard+dead meat, critikill+flapjack, exactly precise, willbe+sheena, trance dynasty, kenny beltrey, bassie+neo, pink abyss, damage, lomaxx, al coda, reverie, hulud, willbe, gemini, paniq, buhis, jazz, jay and jco.

The second CD (slow) contains music from dixan+karmasutra, little bitchard, firelight crew, planeshifter, vic+xhale, wayfinder, redribbon, bream ed, sinespree, chaosnet, saboteur, kowloon, ciccilleju, quasian, traven, xceed, bosco, rolex, hunz, med, bliss and gin.
[25-01-2005] sml

New Tracked Aggression metal disk
A new disk of tracked metal has been released at 21 songs in mp3, xm, it & ogg formats. See the above link for more information. Note that the file is in 7Zip format, which requires either 7Zip or new WinRar.
[12-01-2005] Magyar

SIDin Magazine 7
Issue 7 of SIDin Magazine just arrived. There is a nice interview with Dustbin (Stefano Palmonari) and lots of reviews and usual stuff.
Available in PDF and SXW (OpenOffice).

C64 forever
[10-01-2005] finnr

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