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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (11 years)
New: Asterion Sid-Tracker v1.0
A new sid music editor has been released by Samar and the new c64 music group Tinnitus.

C64 Forever
[27-01-2004] finnr

Update: GoatTracker v1.5 & NinjaTracker v1.1
Yeah!!!!! Covert Bitops strikes back. The GoatTracker playroutine has been rewritten and rastertime brought down. NinjaTracker has a few new features concerning pulse/filter tables- and pointers. Anyhow, check both updates.

C64 Forever
[24-01-2004] finnr

ACiD releases ACiD-100: Their Final Artpack
Thirteen years later ACiD Productions (formerly ANSi Creators in Demand) has released it's final artpack, ACiD Acquisition Update 100 or ACiD-100 for short. This product is the collaborative result of 16 intense months of creativity and planning amongst many of the 715+ members who have been a part of our art group between 1990-2003. Included is a wide range of "lorez" textmode art, "hirez" pixel art, high-quality Impulse Tracker Modules and MP3 music, and 4 of our most popular graphics software applications, complete will full source code released under the GNU public license!

It goes without saying that this download is large and pretty much requires a broadband connection (or a LOT of patience), as it's in the neighborhood of ~450MB.

Fortunately we have secured several extremely high speed FTP mirrors and Torrent seeds ready to handle the bandwidth demands.

You can download your copy now using BitTorrent, FTP, or HTTP. For download locations please refer to

Thank you to everyone for making this such a memorable pack.

-- RaD Man / ACiD Productions
[16-01-2004] radman

update: GoatTracker v1.4f
Hey, here is the lastest release of GoatTracker. A funky hack which gives you better tempo-control.
Anyway, you should check the readme-file for full documentation.
[05-01-2004] finnr

happy new year and happy birthday
Well, 2004 has arrived and modulez wishes all you a very happy and productive year. Last 29th of December #modulez channel at esper-net was 2 years old, and the modulez-community is about 4 years old, thanks to all you, visitors, musicians, reviewers, admins, for supporting and building modulez, your modscene community.
[01-01-2004] yero

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