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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (7 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (7 years)
Nectarine Revival
As some of you may probably know, Yes is trying to start again the project, by recovering the SQL databases and all the mp3. There is a support page in order to help the project.
[18-09-2008] yero

R.I.P. Nectarine
Some really sad news has hit our scene today. Nectarine, the prime demoscene webradio, is no more. A lamer managed to hack himself a way onto the server and deleted the entire database and all website code. Nectarine site maintainer, Yes/Brainstorm, explains on the frontpage:

This morning a script kiddie hacked nectarine. He did post a hint on the vulnerability in the oneliner before trashing everything.
The whole Database is deleted, backup too. The only one i have is from august.

The vulnerability was coming from multipage class i used.

My motivation is too low to fight against lamers again.

If you are a donor, maybe could you unsubscribe your paypal donation.

Sorry guys, but i don't have enough free time to restore everything and i don't have enough money to pay hosting alone.

Yes aka Christophe
[09-09-2008] Alpha C

Intromission: Sound Expansion is a non-profit compilation featuring the best tunes from demoscene 4k intros in a non-stop beatmix. Lasting a full audio-CD, it not only contains music from Windows intros, but also MS-DOS, Amiga, Spectrum, Atari, Macintosh, Linux and Commodore 64.

[ Intromission ]
[ 4k adtro ]
[26-07-2008] Alpha C

Demovibes Live
"Demovibes" as some of you will know, is a regularly released compilation mix of demo soundtracks by Willbe/Cocoon. Now if you liked the regular releases, check out "Demovibes Live". Moonove (aka Djam/Bomb) says:

"While the VIP2008 demoparty was held in Lyon (France), Moonove and Willbe revisited some of the most famous themes composed in Amiga and PC demos. To each buddy his favorite style: while Willbe did remix well-known 2000's newskool classics from Little Bitchard, Dune and KB... Moonove gave his vision of the early 90's oldschool era, exploring the music of Jogeir, Nuke, Moby and so many others."

"The MP3 you'll download is not the actual recording of the event, but a re-creation of it, giving you a pristine sound quality combined with an uncompromised mix style (so to say we did fuck-up the live a little)."
[26-07-2008] Alpha C

Scale musicdisk by the SandS
The second musicdisk by the SandS made with Skale Tracker just released. 4 mb size, 8 tracks by C-jeff, Manwe, Massage and Tone.
[24-06-2008] Manwe

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