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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
modulez updates
During all these week I've been fixing and updating several things of the code of modulez. I've updated some security problems, I've made w3-standard lots of things (but not all the site ;), and finally, trace^xplsv adviced and helped me to move several window boxes, to make a more clear and easier to use site, so now you have the nickname which is now logged at members window, the important things are on the top boxes, and the other things on the other ones.

Hmm, what else... well, I fixed the cookies thing, so now you don't need to touch anything on your browser to login at modulez :)

And finally, about the skins, I have released a kind of skin suite where you'll find the needed files to make your own skin, more info here
[25-08-2003] yero

TZM Archive => IS Section
All Archives of TZM was complete converted to Independent Software section. U can now again download Pc, Amiga, C64 modules and music soft like trackers, players, synthesizers, converters, rippers, drummachines, multitracks, audio and midi editors, winamp and browser plugins :D All is beta versions, any bugs please raport me.
[23-08-2003] DJ Speedstar

New feature at modulez: Skins.
Well, after a hard-week coding and designing, I've managed to make modulez skinable B-) In the bottom left corner of the site (left tabs), you'll see 4 possible skins for the moment, modulez, ojuice, alpha and white. Modulez is the original of this site, alpha and white are some fast designed skins from the original one, and ojuice is a present for all the demosceners here (original oj skin is by MarbleMad, visit if you don't know this great demoscene center ;). Hope you like the result of this hard work, soon I'll make a whole section for skins, with instructions for the ppl who wants to make their own skin.

(sorry if some things don't work properly since i am still testing and coding some bugs)
[22-08-2003] yero

--cyborg jeff's remix album : 7 tracks finished--
Once again news about my forcoming remix album. There are already 7 tracks finished. Remixed by GENETIC GEMINI (D), LITTLE BITCHARD (FL), LOGIC DREAM (B), MAF (F), NIGHTFLOWERS (F), PROPHECY (FL) and STRIKE (F). New musicians join us : Cdnalsi, Impulse, Nullsleep, Temez0 and Void Pointer. So let discover previews of this multi-demoscene-musicians production... and remember you're welcome to join this great project :-)
[22-08-2003] cyborgjeff

Euskal party 11 report
For the spanish people: I've written a report about the euskal party11, held at bilbao past July. The report has info about the people and the things that ocurred there at the party. Enjoy it :-)
[17-08-2003] sole

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