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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (11 years)
New rating system!
Yero has generously donated some of his precious spare time to bring us a new reviewing/rating system. In the previous situation, entering both a textual review and a rating 1-5 was mandatory. Now all of this has become optional. You have an impression of a song but don't have anything particular to say? No problem, enter your rating and don't add a comment. Or maybe you find a song impossible to rate, but you do wish to leave a comment? That's also possible: write down your thoughts but don't enter a rating. Also it's possible now to enter *multiple* comments! I'm sure many denizens find this system an improvement over the old one :).
[29-12-2007] Alpha C

ChipYha#5 voting is opened!
ChipYha#5 on-line voting is opened! Listen to the 56 marvelous 64kb tracker tunes, judge them all and help to choose a winner.
[Download vote-pack]
[Page of compo]
[10-12-2007] BiTL

Renoise 1.9 released
Renoise has now arrived at version number 1.9. By the count of the development team, RNS 1.9 incorporates 11 new functions, 33 upgrades, 18 fixes, and 5 changes. You can read all about them in the Release Notes. It is now available as a download for registered users, and of course there's the demo version if you're cheap like yours truly :).
[17-11-2007] Alpha C

Synthesized World 2 musicdisk by SandS
Some people hanging on C64 or ZX, can't live without oldskool chiptunes and still produce their own music in such styles and sound. From our side, we like to respect the next age - the times of early PC and Amiga demoscene wich took it's music inspiration mostly from 80s synth music. If you do know something about it, perhaps, you'll enjoy listening to this music disk. Grab it here.
[08-11-2007] Manwe

Chipyxa #5 Anniversary
We're glad to announce the beginning of the new chiptune contest - Chipyxa#5. Compose your best tunes and submit them until December, 10th! And don't forget to read the rules.
[03-11-2007] Vibe

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