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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (11 years)
Happy birthday to RTS9
The best musicdisk *ever*... 2 years old just a few days ago.

The Return to Stage 9 Music Disk!!!

If you don't have it, go grab it now
[12-12-2001] finnr

Lord Of The Rings Compo
Just a few weeks to taste the epic. "Lord Of The Rings" (El Se?or De Los Anillos) will arrive soon to our cinemas, so I decided to run this "Epic Compo". This one can be joined by anyone, not only "Lord Of The Rings" fans. You just need some information about this theme to feel the "Ring Soul".

Rules and other:
- Original tracks (just done for this compo).
- Any module format will be accepted (xm, it, s3m, mod...).
- Size limit 1 Mb uncompressed.
- All styles allowed, but keep in mind the spirit of this compo, (epic) so fantasy, metal, orchestral or some like that are highly recommended.
- Deadline 2-02-2002.
- Send your modules to Subject: Lord Of The Rings Compo.
- Detailed reviews will be done by me, and the results will be posted at my web page.
- Winner will get a original soundtrack copy.
- Feedback is welcome.
[10-12-2001] Likuid

7th compo at #modulez
Ten people joined this time!: JosSs, xerxes, smash, slammy, breaksou, drjacko, cat2, acidbeat, DMX and me. JosSs won finally with seven points of difference, xerxes made 2nd and smash 3rd. Songpack was around 800 kb and you'll be able to listen to all the tunes soon. Hope to see you in next compo!
[05-12-2001] sergeeo

GoatTracker v1.2 released
c64 rlzGoatTracker is now a console application to finally make it work well in all systems.
Online help is now scrolling and a few commandline options has gone.
Note that screen dimensions has changed a bit (less visible pattern rows now).

GoatTracker rocks!!!
[04-12-2001] finnr

GoatTracker v1.19 released
Lots of news stuff: windows (directdraw+directsound), modes, config, utilities (crossplatform), loads of new shortcuts, more examples, better manual, and much more. Don't miss out.

Lasse ??rni's GoatTracker is a great alternative if you don't have a real c64. Give it a try.
[01-12-2001] finnr

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