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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)
We are back
We are.. back.. as some nice demo said :) As it was feeded metamacro day by day with very nutritive hardwork?, today it has grown up a lot, so it had to migrate to another nice cool server, where it lives with other virtual servers hosted by the great dad, named Jan Carlo, aka mityorn ^^ If you find any errors with the site, just report them to the bug-reports topic in the forum, some config things changed, so now we have to fine-tune them. Thanks a lot to Rice, for his great daily work :)

btw.. i know the magic quotes thing... i\'ll fix it tomorrow or some day :) have other things to do now.. :P
[10-02-2005] yero

New album by Lizardking released
Gustaf Grefberg, a.k.a. Lizardking in the demoscene, and now known as Xain, has released a new CD, called "Born in the Stars".

The CD plays for 68 minutes and contains brand new professional versions of some of his most famous demo-scene tracks like Claustrophobia, Doskpop and others, along with lots of fantastic new tracks in the same style.

It's $18.99, and it can be purchased here, while listening parts of the first 5 tracks here.
[07-02-2005] yero

Forum at
I've fast-coded a simple forum for the site, as some people had asked me to do. It's just a copy of's one coded by trace, I think, thanks for inspiration :) Just post your messages, create topics as you want.. and so. I'll post some basic rules as soon as I have time. Enjoy!
[05-02-2005] yero

Renoise 1.5
The 1.5 version of this great software has been released!! For a reasonable price you will get full vst 2.0 support in a tracker interface. And it's multi-platform (Win / Mac) !! Incredible? Check out the demo version here!
[02-02-2005] sergeeo

High Voltage SID Collection update 41
1400 new SIDs in this new update, that takes the HVSC to version 5,9. There are now 29055 SID-files in the collection.

Includes lots of fixes and new SIDs from the following parties: X'2004, Black Birdie 2004, Datahelg 2004, TUM 2004, SID Compo IV.

C64 forever
[31-01-2005] finnr

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