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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (11 years)
MadTracker 2.5 RC 5 release
The maturation of MadTracker 2.5 is almost finished! Starting today, Release Candidate 5 is available for everyone interested to take a view at the future of tracking software. MadTracker 2.5 combines all features of trackers, and combines this with full VST support, ReWire integration, and intuitive & flexible control.

New features of MadTracker 2.5 Release Candidate 5:

* More than a dozen of free VST plugins (both instruments and effects) included!
* Packed with more than 60 high quality samples!
* Full ReWire support in synth mode! (The free version will only export the 8 first tracks)
* Track EQ is fully functional and integrated into the mixer * The new track FX mpReverb 2
* Tips of the day section
* Optimized CPU handling and loading times
* *Heaps* of bugfixes for improved stability and VST handling

You can download MadTracker 2.5 RC5 at
[28-12-2004] Inge

farbrausch intro sound system for masses! :)
kb released his intro music tool! thanx man!
[28-12-2004] ninja

Modulez Gigs around the world - Joke!
As the Spanish ones might have realised, yesterday it was 28th December, Fool's day in Spain, here called D?a de los Inocentes. Well, the news was just a practical joke, great joke by sole ;)

After an exhausting period of work on this business, we now can announce safely that modulez artists are going to travel around the world showing their abilities and performing stunning lives in a tour that will set a full stop in the music's history. We'll be supported by some starting bands and artists like Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode, that will perform just an hour before modulez's artists, to start warming the ambient and making the people desire some catchy grooves. Here you have the first tour gigs, along with the city location and support band. Ticket prizes are still to be set, so you better ask your local retailer or your favourite online ticket seller for more details:
yero vs virgill + Chemical Brothers | 08 january 2005 | The Loft (BCN)
sml + lackluster + brothomstates | 05 february 2005 | Trans Buddha (Amsterdam)
sergeeo vs herotyc + Bebel Gilberto + Michel Camilo | 05 march 2005 | Maracan? Stadium (Brazil)
cyborg jeff vs debi + Vanessa Paradis | 09 april 2005 | Stade de France (Paris)
lobo vs dr.jacko + sepultura vs ac/dc | 14 may 2005 | Frankfurt Stadium
wonder vs khrome + bryan may & nuno bettencourt | 11 june 2005 | Lo Stadio Olimpico (Roma)
josss vs nork + press play on tape | 9 july 2005 | Plaza de Toros Las Ventas (Madriz)
sole + miss kittin + la casa azul + visuals by solu | 13 august 2005 | Sydney Olimpic Stadium (Australia)
wizard+jcl + depeche mode + visuals by ps/tpolm | 10 september 2005 | Molvania Gathering Stadium (Molvania)
amb+neurokin + gimmick + klute + visuals by fhtr productions | 15 october 2005 | Fabric (London)
trace+doom patrol + A.N.T. + visuals by threepixels | 12 november 2005 | MASS (London)
Last Gig: Modulez Crew + Chimo Bayo + DJ Jose Conca + DJ Miguel Serna | 10 december 2005 | Spook Factory (Valencia)

Update: Negotiations steps point to a special set between xpinvert and Kraftwerk on 15th April 2005, in Olympiastadion, Berlin-Charlottenburg (Germany). Still to confirm.
[28-12-2004] sole

YASFM: Yet Another Skin For Modulez
This is my christmas gift for all the modulez fans, although you can enjoy it during the whole year. Funny paper skin!
[19-12-2004] sole

Savage Diskmag
A Polish scene diskmag, Savage#6, has been released, and has music by yero, just a couple of tunes you may have listened before.. but anyway, it was nice so listen again one of my tunes on a diskmag :) Also music by KeyG/AuralPlanet, Carmazine, Traymuss and Le?nik. Excellent gfx.
(btw, if you understand polish, the mag contains really good articles, I think :)))))
[18-12-2004] yero

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