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"When your music is shared"

     You wrote down last chars of track commentary and settled back. What's next? There are infinitely many ways of sharing your music. I think this is the most important side in post composing.

     Imagine you found a tune at some site and hooked it into you hard drive. The overall impression depends not only on what-u-hear, but also on what-u-see. Not any music can be understood easily. People are usually trying to keep a sense within their work, but they also forget to explain this sense correctly. So before you'll share your work, try it as a side listener. As for me, I prefer to add a doubled commentary -- short at instruments list and full at in-file message section (if you're able to do so). This helps a listener not to read the whole text if he doesn't want this. In general, first you need to know is author and title of the track. And may be some overall description of track sense, just in one or two phrases. Got interested? Then you can read all essentials. And don't forget to add your contacts for people to submit you their impressions or other valuable comments. I think this contacts should be as constant as it possible. What if someone wants to write you a couple lines of text over 5 years after release?

     The next point between your talent and your fans is server. A server you've selected to store your work should both fast and accessible. Sometimes your tune needs to be updated (new ideas or little fixes) and your server should have some tools allowing you such operations. It's really great, if you can provide additional information to the link (file format, file size, music style and etc.), so better to choose server with some GUI (Graphical User Interface). Such as, for instance. ? As I know, most people prefer to see a direct link to the track, avoid using re-directs, because it much easier to grab a tune with just one click. Don't be lazy, try your link by yourself. Is it correct?

     We have the package now. Get ready the comments won't be all shine and exalted. There're as much opinions as much people're in the known world. My own statement is the following: any listener have a right for his personal opinion. I'm not trying to write music to meet all possible requirements, to be on top, to become famous and popular. I'm doing so to express my own feelings and words through my music. Yes, it's a pleasure to receive favorable reviews, but don't get sad if it's not so. Try to understand, is there any real motivated remarks? Not all people are writing valuable remarks, most of'em are just spamming commentary field. In any case you will have another chances to correct your mistakes, to enhance your skills. Don't lose your heart! Only The Death is irreversible. Keep trying in any other situations. And don't forget to say some thanks to your reviews. At least for their interest.

     Keep tracking! We're really waiting for your music... somewhere.

~~~Darth 'Snake' Nefelim~~~
The Mod Debauch Crew

p.s. I have no idea why did I write all this, but I hope you'll find something interesting here.

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