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   Impulse Tracker running under Windows XP
Pfiuuuh.. Since Windows XP was released i've heard about those probleme to not been able to start Impulse Tracker. That's why i kept my small windows 98 since few month ago... But this september i had to turn to XP with my new computer and said bye bye to IT (always running under another win98 partition but not so easy). Well i've learned Buzz !!! and had release some stuff with it (thank Crazy Man for your help).. I'm also hardly waitin Frost Tracker from K93 (till on developping)... but Anyway i've just succed to let correctly run my IT on an Windows XP configuration !!! youhooou. so here is the guide :

Those tips are compilated from a guide found through Orange Juice and written by Crest : I also need to mention that i've used a P4 3.0ghz and a Sound Blaster Audigy USB. But i'm sure that other sound card will work too!

1. The first problem is letting Impulse Tracker detect some kind of Sound Blaster (2, pro or 16) on your computer. If u use a real Sound Blaster Life, that should be detected,.. also some AC97 could work... But somes don't be recognised.. and then it should also be sure that sounds is correct and don't stop or freeze till few seconds. I've tryed VDMSound few year agos, but size of window don't let me test correcty IT. This morning i've try the GUS emul (Gravis Ultra Sound).. IT worked with it, but it sounds was too much delayed... Anyway for just playing a it file with impulse tracker, that's enough!... Then i've tryed the VDMsound 2... and use another tips to could open the window in full size : As the application was launched, go back to windows and right click on it through taskbar, choose property and full window (plein ?cran in french). Youhooo that's work.

Gusemul : VDMSound 2 :

2. Second problem is memory setting... cause Impulse tracker really need the best optimisation of EMS and dos memory.. then once again thanks to Crest for those information, he has released a good optimisation of memory for the dos command of Windows XP. You should edit the config.nt file (remember your config.sys under dos) and add those information :
rem loads dos into the high memory area if possible.
dos=high, umb

rem instructs EMM to reserve upper memory for 'loadhigh' and
rem 'devicehigh' commands.

Then you'll be able to load samples and track in memory with your impulse tracker... (youhooo)

Finally, i was so happy to let see and hear my impulse tracking running on my flat screen and Audigy sound card!!! a new year will come and i will be still tuned with my IT technology ;p

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