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   david halmi : nagz
i am.
as a human being
birthday: 21 / 10 / 1982
city: budapest [pest]
country: Hungary
occupation: musician

as an internet being
icq: 104461969

as a musician
started: 1996
software: fasttracker2, buzz, sf, acid
group: greenroom, 243, rebels, languagelab, j'ecoute, and many others
style: any
fav musicians: scaldor waka-x manwe graff decibelter solo mantis keith303 falcon keyg carlos tempest siren willbe hunz xerxes teque traven xhale muffler vim laxity shaman zabutom dune netpoet bacter dna-groove vhiiula ...
fav tunes: [dune] makako, tekno [keith3o3] into the unknown, no mellow!? [decibelter] forest swim, flipping chairs [vhiiula] my grey corner, eyes nose mouth [virt] aspire [illegal] painbeat, razor, a fogatlan kurva lelke [zooley] phuq da masses [aymes] the last hope [mantis (matrix cubed)] delilah, summers on mars, in my candles, obsidian, razor fountain [mortimer twang] near to you, originaldub [darkhalo] nexus drones, eastern shore [falcon] sofa surfin', leeloo [blue max] eden [waka-x] monkey box [scirocco] recursion [purple motion & skaven] unreal 2 [trajic] tizedes, buvarharang [bay tremore] crazy juice, stella [probe] jizz & stash musics [synsun] 604 [groo] oolah, one, closer [carlos] streets of budapest, halvanyan, i've got rhythm, a vesztes [rp] fr19 main [ciccilleju] zza u cuteju! [dharma] ponziani opening, shade [skip] planet potion musics [dna-groove] pan's dance [duplex] haara, keksinto, tulosruutu [graff] defect, lighthouse keeper's kite, the ebb, alien mind, trip to the beginning of the world [hardwax (bogdan rosu)] digital pitch pump [hunz] send me drift'n, add then subtract, clone it, volume [jazz] antigotchi, echtzeit [wave] 911 [kjwise] blackdesert of freedom, morall, echoes of creativity [linus] long way home, ride [drax] 3 monkeys. solitaire, sui generis [madhatter] asylum, laura [magnetic] shout & scream, on the other side [mr. suxx] baratok kozt, creatures in da lake [muffler] ihan, austin powers, rumm, tama's kingdom [necros] pentagonal dreams [sergeeo] the 4th green button, a nagzy brain:) [nitro] courgette, machines of madness, raja [nogsf] rude awakenings, uten deg [netpoet] feeling tokyonese, my couch has flees [optic] chestnuts, tgslide, i would if i could but i can't so i won't [pambe] terrorizing feelings [herr weltschaft] kasparov [prob] kill that bitch, restless, skyline, streetbeat [ram0ne (rip)] streetbeat2, micfiend, pink fluid, get busy on 'em [pm] day of the lollipop, panic [quasimojo] ichiyen soda [scaldor] frogs in the dark, gravitar, aehnatron, bluetimeout [shaman] riprap, radikal, melting sunbeam [slyspy] germ warfare, full modern times, snake of my heart, bochmengarten reggae [smash] an important though, spider to fly [subi] nuursohwahshoo (?) [towerx] breaks in focus [towerx & archon (psyonic labs)] 4th squadron [vim] give and take back, norman, tea diddums, give me an om, post caring [xhale] pe-hole, distance farm, sea race, genious, mohamira [zyad] tranquillity rmx [d-tour (splif prd. aka prob & ebb)] d-tour, indian road, sizeable junk of.. [vildauget & teg] - deus ex [kritix] lebe meine welt [deepflow] beach detective, electricity [in-tense] piano [norfair] chill zone [jean9] something like that [kom'ah] come together [krii] seven chambers chamber #1, disco 2000 [maruku buranu & "who"] testink, techmaru [radix] i realize, judo grooves [raytrayza] le petit prince, mindmelt [phonex] evil electricity [virgill] teamwork, i'm free, elements [realsmokers] snakeriffle [xerxes] the painting, bleed, bell, ventil [xhale & furious anger] stapephilia [zalza] faraway land, nice fruit [johnko] xaos, picinko n5 is alive [naks & pam (da jormas)] tonemonob itch [chimera] stretch [dalezy] cheapskate, quixotic [haggeman] jumping cows & pigs, oldschool girl [med] daddy sex [reed] codswollop [vae] nightkin [willbe] dark tower, chip for trip,wash your style, buzz, the horror show, neptune's domain, aeroplane [keen] no tickets sleep!, zatoka's drive [solo] coming of age, waiting to fly, adrift on south sea, unexpected visitor [xanah] krpsing ksparkling psixokats [cube] scotchman in a skirt [johnny guitar] propulsion [alk capone] it rains [maxx] corona discharge ...

as a modulez-being ;)
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