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Reed is the son of Nathaniel Richards and his first wife, Evelyn who died when Reed was only seven. Reed seems to take more after his father, devoting a great deal of his time towards intellectual pursuits, often forgetting (or ignoring) basic human functions like sleeping and eating. He has always been a quick study and earned several degrees before attending Empire State University, where he met both Victor Von Doom and Ben Grimm, his roommate.
After graduation, Reed went on to attend The California State Institute of Technology, Harvard and Columbia University. It was there where he fell in love with Susan Storm, his landlady's 12-year-old niece. Nathaniel Richards vanished shortly after Reed's graduation, leaving him with a two billion dollar inheritance. And, although he had substantial backing from the government, Reed spent most of his fortune on building the rocket which eventually would grant him his super powers.
As his project was being shut down, Reed, Ben, Sue and her younger brother, Johnny, decided to test the rocket on their own. Reed's body became very maleable and elastic, allowing him to assume almost any form he can think of (maintaining, of course, a similar degree of mass). Reed has also theorized that the cosmic rays also heightened his intellect, making him one of the most brilliant men on Earth. Upon realizing what had happened during their space flight, Reed adopted the name Mr. Fantastic and founded, with his three-man-crew, the Fantastic Four.
A few years after the Fantastic Four's creation, Reed married his long-time sweetheart, Susan Storm, then known as the Invisible Girl. Like all marriages, it has had a few problems (largely due to Reed's devotion to his work), however, Reed and Sue have always returned to each other. The two have fostered one child, Franklin, and their second was stillborn.
In one future, the son of Rachel Summers (daughter of Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops and Jean Grey a.k.a. Marvel Girl) and Franklin becomes the nearly all-powerful Hyperstorm. In an effort to preserve his own life, Hyperstorm banishes Reed into Earth's distant past. Reed was eventually rescued, but the experience left him doubtful and unsure of his actions until Onslaught threatened the life of his son. His self-worth restored, Reed helped lead the defeat of the menace.
After returning from the Franklinverse, Reed quickly went to work restoring his team's financial status. He recently took up a graduate professorship at ESU and has been working constantly to create and patent new devices.
"'Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.' - Frank Zappa"
as a human being
birthday: 14 / 4 / 1982
city: Jyv?skyl?
country: Finland
occupation: IT student in the University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland

as an internet being
icq: 19380459

as a musician
started: 1992
software: NoiseTracker -> ProTracker -> (briefly ST3) -> FT2
group: Fairlight
style: mostly funk/disco
fav musicians: Dizzy, Moby, Nuke (Spaceman), Andy, Heatbeat, Ukulele, Yolk, Groo, Romeo Knight
fav tunes: All tunes by Dizzy.
Most of the tunes by Andy (of Banal Projects).
Nebulus by Audiomonster.
B.S.T., Booty Time, Listen, Uralvolga Fine by Bruno.
Riviera by Dean.
Misery Dentro by Double Trouble.
Top Gigolos by Dr. Vector.
Loonie in da Sun by DSX Design.
Waypoint and some other similar tune with a weird name by Dune.
Biomechanoid, Crystal Express, Hoppin' Leonard, Oolah, Phoenix, Pop-Huora, Rockhopper by Groo.
Action-1_S1, Anette, Annika, Aquarium People, Bicyklopedia, Dawn Mosaic, Dungeon, Elfmania tracks, Fanta Manna Mani, Jammin For Nothing, Scrambled Mind, Uudenkuun Sointumaa, Talouselama by Heatbeat.
Ink Ribbon by Jazz.
Blowaway by Jugi.
Elekfunk, Livin Insanity, Mobyle, Bud Rap, Knulla Kuk by Moby.
Acid Jazz 1 & 22, Je L'ai Deja Vu, Trabalash by Nuke.
Cream of the Earth, Boesendorfer P.S.S., I'm Gonna Be Infectious by Romeo Knight.
Acidjazzed Evening by Tempest.
Condom Corruption, Testlast by Travolta.
Afloat, Kahil, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and some other tunes that I can't remember by Ukulele.
Masturbation None, Vaginal Lubrication and some others by Yolk.

as a modulez-being ;)
uploaded tunes: 50
posted reviews: 0
posted news: 2
posted articles: 0
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