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Dreamlin is two people from Minsk, Belarus. This all started and as many and many other acts out there: Egor has always played around with all kinds of music software that came around and recording mixtapes; as for Denis ? he has been playing guitar with a local cult psychedelic-reggae band. Then back in 2000 they decided that something should be done together. As there was no local electronic scene, the music first appeared on the Internet. But after making quite a lot of friends at, being a #1 artist for a month in summer 2001 at and getting their music used in several underground and noncommercial films and videos worldwide and one of the songs used in a pre-soundtrack to a Hollywood movie that never came out (song: Bit Mountain, movie: S.W.A.T.), they decided that some local scene has to be created finally. This was in spring 2002. In march they got their first interview published, the first local airplay and played in a club for a first time. Same month Egor started a small CDr label, Gizmo Lab Records In june they got a track released on a first in 5 years compilation of local electronic music. In july Egor started to co-host a monthly radioshow with electronic music he likes. Since august they started playing in local clubs almost every weekend, orgaising parties and playing in unusual places like State Planetarium and theatres. New Year eve of 2003 caught Egor playing at a closed party and ever since the monthly routine is a festival of electronic music. The festivals are called System Of Electronic Maddness and have grown to make people from all over the country arrive in the capital just to listen. Club flyers still have Dreamlin listed as Downtempo, but in fact they make everything from IDM and house to drum'n'bass and lounge. Apart from being the most requested act in the country they are the most ?live? one, including sampled and live guitars played by Denis, rapping on Egor's part and guest vocalists from all over the word. And the collaborations and remixes range from local Belarussain artists to acts from countries ranging from Hawaii to Finland. The goal is to conquer the world, as always. If Dreamlin will not be the next big thing, then the last 3 years were spent in vain.
as a human being
birthday: 31 / 1 / 1980
city: Minsk
country: Belarus
occupation: tech writer

as an internet being
icq: 141828415

as a musician
started: 2000
software: FL, Acid, Buzz, etc
style: anything
fav musicians: FatBoy Slim, RHCP, Air , 9 lazy 9 , Manu Chao, U.N.K.L.E., MeatBeat Manifesto, dj Shadow, Eminem, Freestylers, Dolphin, Beastie Boys, Fugees, Detskiy Panadol, dj Vadim , Fila Brazillia, Zemfira, Coldcut, DJ Krush, OVO

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