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About Oneliner: It would be nice if only people who are logged could write in the oneliner thus:

- No need to write your name into brackets.
- No anonymous & insulting messages
- No spams

[09:31] [15-03-2007] [Okeanos]
Hmmm, let’s see. First, I don’t know if “16:32 buy viagra online” is real spam or it is just somebody trolling.. Second, I don’t see the aggressive spamming found in other sites, so I don’t think it is still A Problem (don’t know if it can get worse in the future). And finally, i prefer oneliners to be anonymous, here and everywhere (well, when oneliners were used, not much nowadays with the blog trends :). It’s just something romantic, if you want, but i prefer it this way.

Anyhow, I invite people to discuss about this issue here in the forum. You people prefer the oneliner anonymous or you would prefer that just logged users can post? I’m open :)
[17:29] [15-03-2007] [yero]
The onlinner it’s an open service for anyone. I prefer to have it like now. Think this, I’m a stranger, and I want to make a question to the people in the site, it’s very easy post some lines on the onlinner instead make an account and activate it, etc.

The spam don’t seem to be a problem, it won’t go anywhere else. And the name, well, it would be easy have an automatic name, but, I won’t lose nohting write it every time I post something.

Thats my opinion
[17:58] [15-03-2007] [Rayko]
I also prefer the oneliner as being “anonymous”. My suggestion was just against spammers and idiots who make a bad use of the oneliner !!!
[08:36] [16-03-2007] [Okeanos]
Something I just thought of. I went back to an old review I wrote for someone, and I really wish there would be a way of adding an additional comment. For instance to reply to a comment that the original artist made in response to your review.

Code-wise, I figure that in the current situation, a check is made whether the logged-in user has already posted a comment. If this condition evaluates to true, the entire review form (textarea and other inputs) is disabled. This could be modified by only disabling the rating select-box. This way a user can post multiple comments with songs, but only hand out a rating just once.
(Looking at the HTML source, I see the review box is totally absent, so I guess the HTML is generated by the PHP code. You could move the bulk of the HTML outside the if-structure, so it’s displayed anyway, and only make the <select> tag conditional.)
Since you’ll just have to change the element(s) that are disabled, this could be implemented rather quickly.
[23:46] [24-03-2007] [Alpha C]
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