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Hehe, here’s my take on the whole thing, although I must admit that you’ve got a point there fingersoup with the next gen trackers, I’m just waiting for one of them to actually be of use to me :D
(I’m still using FT2 :P)
[03:45] [08-12-2005] [John Marwin]
I have put up my old XM’s and MOD’z here from 199X to 2003.

But as Sole said, it can sometimes be darn tricky (if not impossible) to listen to ALL the formats that are available!

Ever since FT2 got out of the loop I have been using Renoise. It is a *REALLY* good Tracker, simple to use, crisp sound and great effects! I really wonder why more people aren’t using it. (has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but what the hell)

I have also uploded my RNS-modules, but no one listens to them because NONOE USES RENOISE.

So my *only* option to get people to enjoy(?) my RNS-modules is by converting them to MP3. Yes! It *IS* sad and I would *really* like people to *SEE* the music as in the good old days (download, open, study) as well as listen to it and get inspiration. But since there is no RNS-Player and the program itself is so unpopular..... I don’t have a choice but to make Mp3’s.

I will keep my RNS here, in hope that some one, some day will listen to them... I will also choose a select few of them and convert them to Mp3.

Also: *all* of my new productions will be in Mp3! Sorry, but it is just one of those things no one can do -anything- about. But i also agree with some of the other guys in this thread:

The MP3s that are not made in a tracker: Those should not be allowed here UNLESS some part of the MP3 is tracked OR the musican used to be a Tracker AND/OR has some real modules ALREADY UPLODED.

Not just some dumbass that makes crapmunch-music in “God-knows-what Composer” and whop 'em up here in hope someone downloads them! :?

I hope i added some good things here for people to think about. It is all about thinking, isn’t it?

The discussion continues...
[00:55] [28-06-2006] [MrGamer]
It seems ReNoise is not enough popular beacuse of two things: you need to pay for your copy (at least if you want to render your mods to streams) and its mods cannot be played through any stand-alone application (there are no plugin for most popular players, such as WinAmp or XMplay in our case).
[10:56] [28-06-2006] [Darth Nefelim]
You can cheat! (And ASIO you CAN do without) You can start up a recorder program, press record, start the module and record it live. But yes. There is no player for Renoise. Mainly because it supports VST’s. But i NEVER use them. But because it is not free it is a very regulary updated and improved pieace of software, really stable and reliable.
[02:06] [29-06-2006] [MrGamer]
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