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   Anybody interested i doing fasttracker music together?
Perhaps I’ll send something too.

Happy new year!
[03:30] [07-01-2006] [sergeeo]
hi tracking people,

(posted that request in some forums yet, but i am also trying it here.)

some time ago (well, years!) i used to take part in some more or less un-serious Remix/Collaboration projects: one of us started a new track, created one pattern or an idea and gave the disk with the file to a friend.
he changed it, added patterns, mixed samples and sent it back again.
as we were all more or less into fasttracker2, we used xms.
we also had tiny producing parties, one freak doing a pattern, the other eating chocolate or playing SuperMarioBros meanwhile...then we changed seats...
nowadays nobody of my friends uses trackers anymore (apart from doing it as nostalgia and claiming those sounds to be their retro-touch), but i am missing these times of creativity, development and fun.

so i am asking if there’s anybody out there who would be interested in doing such thing (now with file-transfer via email of course). just for fun, not too serious (definitly not for any violent discussion about what sounds shit and why a good idea is poisened by stupidity and why this annoying 4/4 beat has to be there and alike)

i am more into the harder and more noisy genres, doing mostly rhythm tracks the last time (hardtech, gabba alike from 1997-2000, now rhythm noise, breakcore, industrial, dhr sometimes), but don’t feel scared by that. i am open minded and interested in sound and creativity.
these remix-works used to explore ways beyond the imagination and styles of all participants, so fixing it on one style and blocking all new approaches and inputs doesn’t work out at all. if a track finally got into a dead end, we just started a new one.

of course it will take time to get used to the way of producing/understanding of music of the others, but i think for me it’s worth a try.

Fasttracker is my prefered prog, my xms use to stay around 1 MB size, with any newer tracker (like renoise) files tend to get very quickly into 10-50 MB...
of course i am open to any other related idea.

if you’re interested in such a thing, if you like to listen to some of my (old and newer) works to learn about me, please feel free to ask questions, please contact me...

waiting for you freaks’n'music tracking people...

[09:54] [20-01-2006] [cyperkid]
(why did i quote sergeeo and his post? anyway...should be able to handle that within the next time...)
[09:57] [20-01-2006] [cyperkid]
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