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Okeanos, “does not work”? What we always say when somebody can’t run something which works well for most other people? We say “RTFM” :) Read again and find what is wrong in your actions. I recomend Richard Bach’s “The Bridge Across Forever”.

MrGamer, don’t mix the God and the fate, you are on a wrong way. You shouldn’t be “deep religion man” to understand basic things. As Bruce Lee said, we need to thank God for every problem which gives us a chance to solve it and became stronger.
By the way, in english “space” means “emptynes”, “vacuum”, while in russian “space” means “kosmos”, i.e. “harmony of life, God and everything”. I’m sure, language we speak directs our way of thinking. So, I surprised by Noof’s posts. It should be more easy for him to live in harmony with a World. By the way, “world” in russian means “peace” also. It’s all about harmony.

Now, about money. Some people say “We have no money” and then I say: “quit smoking, stop drink beer and save some money”. People always say “No. No way”. Need I even comment it? It’s all about your wishes. My friend (I have a few friends much older then me, they know what is a wisdom) said: “If you not satisfated by very small fee per month, you should STOP to take it”. Do not take what you don’t want. Only after this you can take something else.
[07:29] [13-07-2006] [Manwe]
@Manwe: I was ironic when saying “Does not work”. :)
Anyway, I think that the phrase from ... can eventually change your state of mind but can’t change the reality of your life.
About the russian word “MIR” that means “peace” and “world”, I always found it wonderful because peace should be universal.

@Gamer: I agree with Manwe, you should not mix God and fate. You say that to believe in God is not “rational, nor “scientific”. I’ve been studying biology and “evolution of species"and I can tell you that even if you don’t believe in God, there’s a force, whatever it is and whatever you call it, that makes life go ahead !
I personnaly believe in God, but that’s personnal and everybody’s free to believe or not. But... God is not responsible for all the bad things that happen in the world. Men are responsible but don’t want to take their responsabilities. It’s easier to reject faults on the others. You are the masters of your destiny, you make your own choices.
Life must be preserved.

Hope I was not too boring :)
[09:50] [13-07-2006] [Okeanos]
You both make exellent counterpoints. It is easy to put the blaim on somone else. But without help i can go nowhere since i am not strong enough.

Also. I do beliave ni a “force” of sort an that is time and progress, evolution. Mutations that slowly alter the living organisms to make them stronger. Even if a mutation is different in every case and is by all means rando. I still think it is a sort of “force”. You cannot see it but it manifest in progress of technology, body and mind.

I WOULD LOVE to be religius. But that is something that is simply not possible. I would love to put my faith to “something greater”. There is a certain word to describe what i feel “antagonist” if i am correct. When someone puts their trust o something higher they fel great. i would like that to. But cannot.

A change in the state of mind is not all have the will or power to do. If i would (as i have said) see things fo what they really are, life would be unacceptale.

Right now i feel good. Not great, but good. That is because i ignore the problems that i cannot change. I simply put them out of my mind and try to distract myelf.

This thread is good. Really deep.
[00:50] [16-07-2006] [MrGamer]
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