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   Looking for free .mod tracks for my game
I am creating my first little game project..
oldskool style Pong game.
I need some .mod music to go with it.
Why .mod? Because it’s small and loads into SDL_Mixer by default
(the audio engine I use)
I could also use .mp3 or .ogg, but that’s just too big for this small game.

As I am not sure which mods are free for use in my (free/open source) game,
I am asking artists to give me some links to their .mod’s if I am allowed to use them.
Of course you will be credited.

The game currently looks something like this:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

But it is just a developer preview. The text in the lowerleft corner will disappear for example.
And the screenshots don’t show much more than the basic gameplay.
More special features will be added later. Also, you can’t see it now in the screenshot, but the background is supposed to scroll by slowly :)

PS: The little pong game runs on linux, windows, mac os x and a few other platforms (that support SDL) as well

I’m looking forward to some generously donated oldskool .mod tunes.
Thanks in advance
[23:23] [13-07-2007] [profoX]
Hello profoX, indeed module music is an ideal medium to provide music for games, not only when you’re concerned about size, but they have indeed been used in a number of major productions from reputed software publishers. You made a wise choice :).

Well, what can I say, I am shamelessly plugging my little modgroup, Chimera, here. Yes, we would be willing to offer you our services. All of us are capable of delivering you mods with that specific “oldskool” sound. Some of us already have some experience in providing game music, ranging from professional contract work to informal stuff involving developer friends.

You can look on our webpage,, to check out some of the stuff we’re doing. The five of us also have profiles on with more music posted. If you’re interested, hook up with me per e-mail: marcelvwijk AT gmail DOT com.
[01:43] [14-07-2007] [Alpha C]
@profoX: As you probably have noted, I have spammed your mailbox about the matter. Now it is up to you ;). See ya!
[20:20] [14-07-2007] [MrGamer]
Great, thanks guys! I contacted you :)
[19:21] [16-07-2007] [profoX]
Hey Profox.

Have you chosen any of our tunes for your game yet? You can go to my FTP and download my “garbage pack” that is to say *all* of my XM’s I have ever made (well, of those that are not lost that is), there is also an abandonware-pack from Marcel (Alpha Centauri) and Rayko, although Rayko’s tunes are probably not fit, since they are incomplete.

Hmn, I *could* upoad *my* pack it to the server, I don’t think they take up TO MUCH room. But then again, we *are* running low on disk-space on the server, so I would have to ask Marcel first.

In any case, I will give you a MASTERPASS to my FTP. Go check our the info chimera forums under “FTP-Discussion”

[19:27] [05-09-2007] [MrGamer]
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