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Depends, herotyc. You could for instance agree not to use those mutually incompatible features, such as IT’s filters, pitch envelopes, MIDI macros, etcetera. If we agree to stick to a more-or-less 'basic' set of effects, there shouldn’t be a problem.
[20:30] [18-01-2008] [Alpha C]
amen, hyrotic. And Alpha’s suggestion is nice but too demanding I guess, and therefore utopic. :) But I’ve just tried something else. Here’s a somehow detailed decription:

Using Modplug, I loaded the file “” from the zip pack. I changed it to .XM format. Then, I edited patterns 18 and 19 (just added notes ramdonly). After that, I opened “” again and I created two new patterns. I changed window view to the .XM version and copied the two patterns I had previously reedited and pasted them in the .it version. understood?

What did I get?
The former .it version but with two new patterns that had been edited in .xm format. Therefore, filters were kept as well as volume setting and all the other crap .it settings.

What I ignore is if any .XM settings are lost when they are saved as .IT. Does anyone know?

I’ll go on after an answer to that latter question.
[23:04] [18-01-2008] [yozfitz]
Well, in my opinion my suggestion is more than feasible. If I recall correctly there aren’t features in FT2 (xm) format that IT can’t do. On the other hand, IT can do everything that FT2 can do. (Feel free to correct me though, I’ve always been an .IT guy :).)

And anyway, the differences that exist are things we can live without. Filters, macros, pitch envelopes, channel volume are nice but not essential. And NNAs, while very nice (and I use them in almost every song I do), are also something that can be worked around.

I have no objections about splitting the project into an XM branch and an IT branch, but do consider my arguments.
[23:37] [18-01-2008] [Alpha C]
well, I posted what I posted at [23:04] because I was thinking that, in order to keep the already tracked tunes with filters and all the other stuff, an .xm user could just happily track (after the transcoding as I explained at [14:16, 11-01-2008] ) in milkytracker, and later on, it would be a question of assigning someone else to copy those new patterns from the .xm version into the .it version.

And since it’s me who suggests it, I guess I would have to be in charge of that; in “blending” the tunes. It sounds nasty deeds, but It’s not big deal actually. It takes a couple of minutes. For that, It would be necesary for every contributor to add a record of the their additions to the tunes, just as ko0x and I did in coop3’s message editor.
[00:43] [19-01-2008] [yozfitz]
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