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One hour compos (9 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (10 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
   news Multichannel Compo results!
#01. Jakim - Glass Rythm39 pkt.
#02. Pyby - The Breeze38 pkt.
#02. Rayko - Fire walls38 pkt.
#03. Xtense - [random_title]26 pkt.
#04. Cactoos - Firewall24 pkt.
#05. Shyz - P s y c h o p u l s15 pkt.
#06. Feveria - 1614 pkt.
#07. Maxus - Prey10 pkt.
#08. Rage - Synth Survivor5 pkt.
#08. Elektro - Ruskie spiczki5 pkt.
#09. Stormek - Down to Charon3 pkt.
#10. Carmazine - Downtown2 pkt.
#11. CrazyAznGamer - Electrograft0 pkt.

Congratulations and thanks to all participants and voters! :)
[22-10-2006] AceMan

modplanet bonus cd
the modplanet compilation tries to put all the most important modules from the history of the spanish demoscene/modscene together.

four years after the first 2-cd compilation release, a BONUS CD has been launched with more new modules, new artists, updated demodulate, etc.

you can browse the archive or download ISO's from the usual modplanet server:
[16-10-2006] sml Mch Compo - Voting!
The second part of Multichannel Compo has ended!
13 of 24 participants sent their tunes, and if we have all entries... it's time for voting!
All tunes are available in this archive:
There is also readme file, which I recommend to read. You can vote on special page on (you have to be logged).
Remember - you might be the one who will decide the winner! :)
[15-10-2006] AceMan Multichannel Compo
It's time to begin the first Multichannel Music Compo! :)
Rules are simple (I think so) and I hope quite original. In short: each participant sends one sample, then I pack it into one package and you write a module using them. Simple? Sure :) Okay, so let's see the details...
1. To participate, you have to be registered user 2. You can apply using special form available on 3. Each participant has to send ONE, chosen (and it'd be great if created) by him/her sample, which will be used in module. 4. There must be at least 3 participants to start the competition.
1. One participant = one sample 2. Sample must be MONO, 8 or 16 bit 3. Sample can't be longer than 64 kB (65536 bytes) 4. "Sequences" are NOT allowed (it doesn't concern sound effects like door creak, sound of sawmill or mangoose snoring). It is said that for example kick+hihat is a sequence. 5. If sample will comply with the requirements mentioned above, your application will be accepted, sample added to sample pack and your nick added to participants list (together with link to his/her sample)
After 7 days, all accepted samples will be packed into one archive and will be available for download from
1. One participant = one module 2. You can use ONLY samples from sample pack 3. You can't edit samples 4. You can loop samples (but do not create sinusoid from broken glass effect ;)) 5. Allowed formats: mod, xm, it, s3m, rns, mt2, dbm, mtm, mo3 6. Playing time: unlimited 7. Number of tracks: unlimited 8. You can use all effects offered by chosen format 9. Deadline: 31.09.2006 After this time, all modules will be packed into one archive and availabe for download :)
1. To vote, you must be registered user 2. You will be able to vote using special form on 3. You will be able to vote for 3 tunes, giving them 1, 2 or 3 points 4. The module with the highest score will be the winner
Surprise :)
1. 19.09.2006 - 31.09.2006: You send your applications 2. 01.10.2006 - 14.10.2006: You write modules :) 3. 15.10.2006 - 22.10.2006: Voting 4. 23.10.2006: Results
[19-09-2006] AceMan

cyborgjeff's website updated
lot of news on my website : block with RSS Feed, link to my french blog, 2 great new songs, 4 cellular ring packs, new Free Electro Web and Overclocking Traxx compilation, 1995 to 1997 full complete module packs, cyborgjeff's bootlegs from Spaneo,...
[12-09-2006] cyborgjeff

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Vapor Lit Up by Shinobi
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