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One hour compos (6 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (7 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (8 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (8 years)
ChibiTracker 1.2 Released
ChibiTracker 1.2, a stable and portable Impulse Tracker clone with enhacements in features and look&feel, has been released. This version fixes some bugs that happened specialy on windows, improves the UI a bit, and the mixing quality of the effects (Chorus/Reverb). Give it a try today!
[08-03-2008] reduz

Novus Compo: February's Overall Round
The 3 genre-winners were Tepetricy, Daniel Somma and WhiteLake. The 2 wild cards are Josh Whelchel and Saga Musix. The 5 contestants are ready, the stage is set, and the voting is open for February's overall round in the Novus Compo! These songs are the best of the best, ladies and gentlemen, and now you get to decide which of them is even better than all of the others. Visit the Novus Compo today!
[22-02-2008] Novus

Winter Chip ]I[ is here!
The third edition of Winter Chip has started on Battle of the Bits (link). There are no less than twelve categories to compete in; aside from 8k and 24k modules there are also VIC-20, C64, AHX, Pokey (Atari), Sega Master System, NES/Famicon, Gameboy, AdLib, MIDI and wild categories. Submission deadline is 28 February; results will follow on 14th March.
[02-02-2008] Alpha C

Novus Compo: January's Overall Round begins!
The preliminary rounds are over, and now it's time to determine the champion for January's edition of the Novus Compo! D Fast, Daniel Somma, Nygen Dale, Roncli and Traymuss have all proven themselves worthy of advancing to the Overall Round, and now your votes will determine January's winner! These are the best of the best, 5 outstanding songs waiting for your ears, and you won't be disappointed. Hit the site and cast your vote today! You can enter your own song too! All you have to do is cast a vote. :)
[24-01-2008] Novus

KoOx came up with a great idea of a MEGA COOP, which is like a convensional cooperative music work, but with "free entrance", so everyone who wants to add something (a pattern, a melody, drums, samples, a note) is welcome. Now, Go ahead and contribute. Let's see what turns out! ***How to proceed in the file sharing:*** Once you make your addition to the song, you need to share it so that a next artist starts his contribution. For that, you should use the onliner to provide the link to the file. If you do not have the means to host the file, get in touch with ko0X, Alpha_C or yozfitz, they will be willing to host it for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Click on the Title to download the lastest version of the file. ------------------------------------------------------------------ This link will be updated as long as any contribution is released in the onliner. Any doubts or questions, ask in the onliner.
[09-01-2008] yozfitz

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