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One hour compos (7 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (8 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (9 years)

* Config moved from registry to XMPLAY.INI file
* Show/manipulate queue in playlist panel
* Separate resizable search window
* Position bookmarking
* CD-TEXT support
* "Recover dead tracks" option to locate missing files
* Automatically check other drives for missing files
* "Play count" added to library
* Time of last play shown in track info window
* Integration option to select/deselect all extensions
* Quick launch bar shortcut
* Option to save playback position on closing XMPlay
* Shortcut to close XMPlay is now customizable
* Shortcut to save list
* Shortcut to toggle MOD playback mode
* Tray title bubbles are now optional
* "Move selected to top" sort option
* "Only sort selected" option removed (now always on)
* "Write to disk" continues writing after reconnection
* Download progress shown in "General" info
* Improved track dragging in list
* Moving of main and info windows together
* Options and stuff window rearranged
* Differentiation between unplayable and missing tracks
* Skinning improvements (see skinning kit)
[22-12-2005] ninja

Nectarine Music Compo results
Nectarine Music Compo is over! The results are in page . The winners are: JazzCat (1st place with "Polaroid Android"), AceMan (2nd place with "Stefan in Dorkfishland), Raina (3rd place with "Yellowhale") ex aequo Shinobi ("Starchaser").
[14-12-2005] Jakim

Goat Tracker v2.2
From V2.0 onwards the editor includes more powerful step-programming (wave/arpeggio, pulse and filter), 63 instruments, more instrument parameters & pattern commands. May be less userfriendly than V1.xx, but you can import V1.xx songs and instruments to see how the corresponding V2 features work. Rastertime usage has stayed about the same.

V2.2 adds a speedtable for improved control of vibrato, portamento and funktempo and new song/instrument file format. Old format songs are autoconverted upon loading.

C64 forever
[14-12-2005] finnr

Milkytracker v.090 released
Milkytracker v.0.90 released! The most accurate XM tracking experience since FT2, is here! - All FT2 effects and tools implemented. - FT2/XM playback near perfect. - Protracker 2.x, 3.x modes for better MOD replay. - Aditional FT2 shorcuts. - and tons of new tools and improvements for discover! Available for Windows XP/2000, Mac OSX and Pocket PC
[29-11-2005] Kmuland

Varifom Remixed
Fifteen remixes of original Variform demo soundtrack by Mel and Little Bitchard. One of the mixes is by Wonder.
[27-11-2005] yero

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