G R O U P   M E M B E R S

Y e r o

realname:David Gerónimo
location:Barcelona (ES)

Started in the scene as a musician, then moved into graphics and design, and founded Sector Omega in 2003, where he improves his skills as a coder. Actually, he designs and directs the overall process and ideas of the group.

J o s S s

realname:José Pérez
location:Madrid (ES)

Started with tracking in the early 90s, with 4channel mods. Then moved into FastTracker, the tool he used to make the soundtracks. His works, always with a special touch, are full of details, which help to surround the demo watcher, and make him feel inside the demo.

E V E N T U A L   C O L L A B O R A T I O N S

I t h a q u a

realname:Enrique Tromp
location:Madrid (ES)

Ithaqua is one of the finest coders/designers in the current demoscene. His works as the coder of Stravaganza demogroup show complex but clean effects full of details, which give their prods some special taste. Ithaqua's cooperation with SectorOmega was made in March 2004, with Decadentia.

d 0 u p

group:dust inc
realname:Asier Illarramendi
location:Zarautz (ES)
task:3D+2D Graphics

Asier is one of the active 3D artists in Spanish scene. His works are just cool pieces of art. He collaborated with us in The Message, with the models and their textures, and some retouch with the design, as he has a very good taste with graphics.