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USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
we want more
I have especially preparing you a small gift for the new year, cause during this past year 2006, I?ve celebrated 10 years of music production under the name of ? Cyborg Jeff ?. That?s why I have decided to share with you this roadtrip through 20 songtracks but also small stories about it. So you want more,? welcome to the mini website :
[04-01-2007] cyborgjeff Chip Compo results


#01. Rayko - LM2940[27 pts.]
#02. Strobe - Cloudfigures[24 pts.]
#03. Okeanos - Dzwonek swobody[20 pts.]
#04. Shyz - Digital[19 pts.]
#05. Jakim - Upadl mi parasol[16 pts.]
#06. m0d - SPACE PIE SHUFFEL[14 pts.]
#06. Cactoss - 2 worki to za malo![14 pts.]
#07. Zovik - Cheez_chip_#02[9 pts.]
#08. Traymuss - Minimalna czkawka[7 pts.]
#09. Raina - Infected loader[6 pts.]
#10. Izmo - Rushjet[5 pts.] [Selfvote]
#10. Rage - Mindless jumping[5 pts.]
#10. KAM_ - I Doubt[5 pts.]
#11. Phaser - Boss Level 9[4 pts.]
#12. Dexterek - Niespelniona mysl[2 pts.]
#13. Bor0 - Lolrobot[0 pts.]

Congratulations! :)
[24-12-2006] AceMan

Hard Turron: Xmas 2006 Chiptune Collection
After a pair of weeks of work in chipscenesp, we finally have achieved to release a little and chippy EP by AMB, Rolemusic, herotyc, ashbrg and me. It features five tracks composed for PC, Famicom, Game Boy and ZX Spectrum.

You can grab it here! (or here!)

Merry Xmas for everybody! Have fun!
[23-12-2006] sergeeo Chip Compo - Voting
First part of Chip Compo has ended. Now is the time to vote! :)

Here are the rules:

1. All tunes and the vote form are available for registered users in Compo menu on
2. You can vote only if you have registered before 17/12/2006
3. You can vote for 3 tunes, giving them 1, 2 or 3 points
4. Authors of compo tunes can vote only for one tune (it will get one point)
5. Tune with the highest score wins

Voting deadline: 23/12/2006 23:59

Good luck! :)
[17-12-2006] AceMan

New oldschool compo!
A predefined samplepack of about 300kb; formats it, xm, mod, s3m. See link for more info. Enjoy :)
[14-12-2006] Magyar

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