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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
New Mod Archive page
Our friends from modarchive just released a new website, adapted to modern browsers, etc. The feature I like most is Searching within sample text and comment text of song. The Java player is also a quite interesting feature. Long live to modscene.
[02-04-2009] herotyc

"Back to the sources" musicdisk by NightRadio
Software player with nice OpenGL graphics - highest sound quality + open sources; required PC with Windows or Linux. Style of the music is various as usually :) So everybody can find something interesting in this. I tryed to arrange tracks by its sound complexity and mood. All tracks composed on the SunVox in various places: at home, in the forest, at sea beach and more. Used hardware: PC with Linux, Acer Aspire One netbook, Palm Tungsten|T, GSmart MW998 smartphone. link:
author's web-page link:
[21-03-2009] BiTL

Scenesp file upload temporary down
Tune upload will be temporary down for some days. It seems that something changed in the server config so some commands don't work now. I'm trying to contact the admin to see how to fix this problem, so I hope that in a few days everything will be working fine again. My apologies for the inconvenciences.


UPDATE: Scenesp file upload is up again, so everything should be working fine now.

[06-03-2009] yero

Winter Chip IV open for submissions now
After some delay due to the overhaul of their site, the guys at Battle of the Bits finally opened up the Winter Chip IV compo for submissions. The deadline for entering is March 3rd; results will be released on March 17th.

As usual, a plethora of platforms and file formats are supported. This year they are:
Channel F, AY/YM, TIA, Pokey, VIC-20, C64 (SID), AHX, Sega Master System, NES non-expanded, NES expanded, Gameboy, Adlib, 8kb tracked (MOD/S3M/IT/XM), 24kb tracked, MIDI and wild (MP3).
[21-02-2009] Alpha C

reTracked #2 - tracker music remakes.
Tracker music is no longer just a subculture. It may well be the last stronghold of free creation for a wide audience which refuses to become a victim of global commercialization. Tracker music is pure, honest, romantic, perhaps even naive but exciting at the same time. We hope that this release will become a gift for all the fans of tracker music and the demoscene. We also hope that from this second release, the project will attract more people who are passionate about this pure music.
[27-01-2009] Manwe

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