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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
Trilobyte ChipDisk
Nuance is working on resurrecting their "amiga chipdisk" TRILOBYTE on PC machines. Feel free to participate to this production by sending your (best) chiptunes to Okeanos/Nuance: okeanos[dot]music[at-no-spam]gmail[dot]com preferably before thursday the 17th of september -noon-
[16-09-2009] Okeanos

ExChip0 #1 deadline extended
It has been announced that the submission deadline for the ExChip0 chiptune compo has been extended from September 1st to October 1st, 2009. Also, an invitation intro has been released.

More information of course at their website:
[31-08-2009] Alpha C

FTP service at scenesp
Hello all. As most of you may have realized, the ftp server, concretely the music upload/management subsystem, does not work. The problems come from May 2009, when scenesp suffered several hacking attacks, and since then Recena (the admin) has been trying to find the holes and resolve the problems.. The thing is that at this moment it is not clear if scenesp is gonna continue to offer its services due to serveral reasons. According to this, I have a copy of the ftp and all the scenesp backend, and I'm searching for possible solutions to our ftp hosting requirements. I'll be having a look at this during the next months, but do not expect a fast resolution of all this, I'm terribly busy at this moment, and I'll be until Nov-Dec 09, so be patient ;) If you have the opportunity, please upload your new music to other servers until we have migrated the site.

Anyway, before finishing I would like to thank Manuel Recena, admin of Scenesp along these.. 7? 8 years? Administrating such a server is not easy and represents a big time consuming task. I also want to thank to the engineering school, at Uni of Seville, in which the server has been kindly hosted. Btw, I'd also like to seize the oportunity to also thank J.Carlo Mityorn, owner of metamacro, for all his support with the web server during these 7? 8? years :)

If you have any comment, please let me know.. I try to enter modulez from time to time, so I'll read your onelines and your emails.
[13-07-2009] yero

Trippy compo #01 starts now!
Trippy Compo is a new biweekly tracked music competition, similar to (and largely inspired by) the Groovy Compo from 1997-2000. The first week is for writing a song, songs are then gathered and the votepack is assembled; the second week is for voting, after which the results are posted and the process begins anew.

This first month will be a trial run; pending enough interest, it will become a regular biweekly competition.
[20-06-2009] Alpha C

ExChip0 #1 [Extensive Chip Compo]
We are back.... and glad to present
the ExChip0 #1 (2009) "endless summer", chip music competition in second time, combining several platforms: PC, ZX, NES, C64.
You can find details about competition on the site:
[15-06-2009] Silent

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