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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
AdamBomb UK Tour 2003
September Smash & Burn Spectacular UK Tour 2003 The Smash & Burn Spectacular UK Tour 2003 will be raging across Great Britain this September. Keep checking back with for more details. SEPTEMBER 2003 Monday 1st: CREWE The Limelight Tuesday 2nd: BLACKPOOL Uncle Tom's Cabin Wednesday 3rd: BARNSLEY G & T's Thursday 4th: NOTTINGHAM The Running Horse Friday 5th: GRIMSBY Spiders Web Saturday 6th: WORKINGTON Monroes Bar Sunday 7th: BRADFORD Market Tavern Monday 8th: BARTON UPON HUMBER The Carnival Tuesday 9th: HARTLEPOOL The Studio Wednesday 10th: HULL Springhead Thursday 11th: SCUNTHORPE The Lincoln Imp Friday 12th: NEWCASTLE Trillions Saturday 13th: CROYDON Cartoon Sunday 14th: PENZANCE The Acorn Theatre Monday 15th: PLYMOUTH Phoenix Tavern Tuesday 16th: BRISTOL Fiddlers Wednesday 17th: HEREFORD Manhattans Thursday 18th: CLYDACH Ludwig's Friday 19th: SWANSEA Patti Pavilion Saturday 20th: LIVERPOOL The Cavern Sunday 21st: LINCOLN The Falcon Monday 22nd: PETERBOROUGH Met Lounge Tuesday 23rd: LONDON The Underworld Wednesday 24th: SOUTHAMPTON The Brook Thursday 25th: READING Fez Club Friday 26th: HUDDERSFIELD Abrahams Saturday 27th: DUDLEY JB'S Sunday 28th: BARNSLEY Birdwell Club Monday 29th: SCARBOROUGH Murrays Music Bar Tuesday 30th: BOSTON Axe & Cleaver
[04-09-2003] HLMoore

A new version of Madtracker Available. MadTracker
A new update of MadTracker is now available. Take a look if you can't use your FastTracker :(
[04-09-2003] JosSs

modulez registering bug fixed
Hi, I have received a couple of emails with a mistyping problem of passwords while registering. Sorry, it was my fault, by mistyping the word "pass" for the word "handle" when I re-coded some modulez sections in order to increase the security of the site ;) I have fixed that and I've mailed back that ppl (Vision, T-Dj, thnx for feedback) and the other ppl who intended to register since that flaw (HLMoore, camboss, crazyman, snabisch creator, himera), please register again :( Now i've added a retype option while registering. Thanks for your patience.
[31-08-2003] yero fiasco will no longer continue to offer sites in many european countries like Italy, France, Spain or Germany. Is this a sign of economical weakness or just a marketing action?
[29-08-2003] sergeeo

Skale Tracker Skin uploaded
Baktery, main coder of Skale Tracker has designed the skale-skin for modulez. In the skins section (click on +info down on the skin selector box) for more info :)

Ah, one thing more, I've deleted the SSN sticker for the moment, because it does not integrate quite well with the skins, soon I'll upload it again, but now using a RSS feed, so it'll be totally integrated (Network19 hurry up! =). Cya
[28-08-2003] yero

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