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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (9 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
SNDH Archive and ASMA updates
More good news for lovers of oldschool chip music, and especially those digging the old Atari sound.

The SNDH Archive is the ultimate collection for Atari ST music, produced with the (in)famous YM2149 soundchip. In the current release, 35 new tunes were added, bringing the total to about 3278 files in .sndh format.

For more oldschool vibes, check out the Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA), collecting music from the classic 8-bit Atari XL/XE machines. After adding 308 new files, the archive now contains 2843 tunes.
[29-05-2009] Alpha C

story of my first 200 modules with a tracker
Well, i working on big project counting the stories of all the songs i've written since 1995. So i've just published the 200th tracks on the beta website. As if design is done, you'de be able to listen all those songs written with Fast Tracker and Scream Tracker III, read the story and download the .mod and .s3m files. So if you like soundtracker, it could be fun to discover how i grow up from 95 to 96...
[27-05-2009] cyborgjeff

HVSC Update #50 released
Update #50 of the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) has been released. HVSC is the most complete collection of Commodore 64 SID tunes available, and is a must-have for every C64 fan and chiptune enthusiast alike.
In this update, 678 new files have been added, for a grand total of >36,000 SID tunes!

Update #50 (incl. update tool, 3.9 Mb)
Complete HVSC (68 Mb)
Release announcement
[01-05-2009] Alpha C

Tunes from Italian module music maker, FBY, availa
Hello there people! Dunno if you know or remember Fabio Barzagli. Anyway, he was only one of the few modmusic makers in Italy, in the AMIGA times.

Now he has released all his musics, from the 1987, to nowdays, on this website. Includes over 400 songs in different formats, with also MP3 rendering/remastering.

Enjoy the music.
[15-04-2009] SoDa7

ModFM Jingle Compo
We are happy to annouce fresh competition! :) This time it's smallest and a bit different from what we had in the past, but we hope you will enjoy it as much as previous ones :)

* the goal is to create ModFM radio jingle
* max. duration: 20 sec.
* format: MP3 44100 khz 128 kbps (you can send us "source" file like XM, but you have to provide MP3 version as well)
* voice sounds (spelling radio's name, website url and some catchy phrases) are highly recommended :)
* two entries per composer allowed

* deadline: 19 April 2009
* voting: 20-24 April 2009
* results: 25 April 2009

Send your jingles to (you will get a reply email confirming your entry was accepted).

The winner will get brand new t-shirt :)
All jingles that will get users' approvement will be played regulary at ModFM radio.
[14-04-2009] AceMan

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