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One hour compos (8 years)
VST(a)way music compo. (9 years)
USB 2.0 audio interface (10 years)
Isn't metropolitan TV logo familiar? (10 years)
Chip-On (a new chiptune database) Launched
Chip-on is an online archive of chipset based music files and files related to this. The archive is about 50% uploaded at the time but the first alpha version is now available for beta-testing. The first v1.00b will be released in March. It features voting/toplist system and it will also contain a sample database. (iNFO pasted from
[16-02-2006] JosSs

Milkytracker v00.90.30 released
Bugs fixed: - ProTracker modules using 'one shot'-looped samples seem to crash the replayer sometimes. Fixed. - There was a bug in the mod exporter when trying to export samples with a loopstart set to 0. Fixed. - The windows version would crash when inserting MANY points between two points in an envelope. Fixed. - The right-left combined mouse click on the scopes didn't work properly. Fixed. - switching between the loop types caused crashes. Fixed. - Redo filter seems to crash/erase sample in the win32 version. Fixed. - Retrig command was still a little bit buggy (when used in combination with delay note). Fixed. - Arpeggio was still a little bit buggy (won't be noticed when tickspeed%3 == 0). Fixed. - Putting a position jump inbetween a pattern loop will cause the song length estimator to hang in an infinite loop. Fixed. - Trying to enable the volume envelope when it says 'none selected' in the envelope editor Milky would crash. Fixed. - Block transpose up/down was buggy. Fixed. - Pattern Len display isn't updated to reflect new length after block was pasted and pattern grew. Fixed. - Scopes didn't update after loading samples/instruments - Dozens of other fixes... Features added: - Multichannel record/keyjazz/editing (like in FT2) - Disable pattern grow when pasting - Enable "by channel tabbing" (like in FT2) - Instrument quick select using numerical keypad - Select sample within instrument in FT2 edit mode (Shift+Alt+Up/Down) - Emulate insert key with Ctrl+Up in the OSX version (select from the OSX main menu under option "special") - Dragging files from the win-explorer/osx finder into the MilkyTracker window loads the file (works for modules, instruments, patterns, tracks, samples etc.) - Load/Save IFF samples - More WAV sample types recognized and loaded - Improved Protracker compatibility - More options on the replayer for improved module playback compatibility - Playmodes can now be saved to be the default playmode - Even more FT2 keyboard shortcuts (F9-F12, look in the doc for more info) - Even more customizing support, see config. - PocketPC: Added scopes as well - PocketPC: Jam page with extended keyboard or pattern
[14-02-2006] Kmuland

Awakening musicdisk by Allien Senses
Excellent medieval ambient soundtracks with fine graphics by Allien Senses. Visit the pou?t page to rate it.
[12-02-2006] yero

Just a Smile, new album from cyborgjeff
cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin/Belgium) presents his 24rd and new album "Just A Smile". Author and compositor since now 10 years, this album was built in a production continuation of electronic, melodic and coloured music.

About influence, we are between variety, demoscene and old sounds from Gameboy and C64.

CJ : "If the album was in work since march 2005, all really start during my summer holydays in augustus, due to some chats with K93 (Steve Kossouho/France who have also realised the cover the album "Let The Sun Shine"). He remember me my old time where i created good Happy dance songs.

Few hours later, the song "A smile on your face" was borned and i propose to Steve to design the single's cover... He show me project next day, but it needs something strong. So we start to a crazy concept of an inuit girl (inspirated to the icone of Frost Tracker) that had left Alasko to the sun of Ibiza... Miss Eskimo is on the place ! and few minutes later, i'll start to write the song.

About cover's design, it took more time that what we've planned... but that let me add more songs to the album, including a special hommage to Gdream, a french musician that have decided to leave music for long time."

We also found close to those tracks and bonus, 10 other title realised under the same sound's palette, as an adaptation of a Marc Lavoine's song with old promotionnal K7 for C64 or a speedy arrangement of the OST of Super Nintendo game : Donkey Kong Country 2.

In technical side , the album is completly turned to new musical technologies. no more Impulse Tracking (running under MS-Dos). After long month of testing and learning, i finally be able to control subtilities and limitss of Jeskola Buzz Tracker associated to VSTi (virtual instrument).

So, you're are welcome to visit and freely download the album on the miniwebsite "Just A Smile" cyborgjeff
[06-02-2006] cyborgjeff

quoted from With big thanks to the website: The staff of CTG have let me known that there's a ripper active. What is a ripper? A ripper is a nasty noob (newbe) that steals other people's music, and tells everyone its his. He's taking all the fame while others should get that precious fame. Rippers is the worst thing you can be in this community. More information The guy that we're talking about is calling himself DJEnis. In fact, he's active on CTGMusic. He seems to be from turkey or atleast is able to read and write in that language. He've used other good music and claimed it was his own for commercial purposes. This SICK basterd actually made some money out of this. The noob's website can be located at: Why this harch language? People that act like this are criminals. They DO NOT deserve to be treated differently. In the past, rippers were banned from the scene like this too. Don't let your music be part of his fame! STOP THE RIPPER!!!!!
[25-01-2006] cyperkid

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